Oracle9i /Developer: PL/SQL Programming

Joan Casteel

  • 出版商: Thomson
  • 出版日期: 2003-05-09
  • 售價: $931
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 560
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 061915909X
  • ISBN-13: 9780619159092
  • 相關分類: OracleSQL
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This book offers complete coverage of the subject of programming with PL/SQL, including an introduction to PL/SQL at the beginning up through coverage of advanced topics. Also helps to prepare students for the Oracle9i PL/SQL Programming certification exam.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to PL/SQL
2. Handling Data in PL/SQL blocks
3. PL/SQL Processing
4. Procedures
5. Functions
6. PL/SQL Packages
7. Program Unit Dependencies
8. Database Triggers
9. Oracle-Supplied Packages
10. Introduction to Dynamic SQL and Object Technology
11. Performance Tuning
A: Tables for Brewbeans Database
B: Procedure Builder
C: TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers)
D: PL/SQL and Oracle9i Developer Forms (available at via the Student Downloads?link on the Web page for this textbook)

iSQL*Plus Users Guide also available at "Student Downloads" page (tutorial on new Oracle tool).


  • Offers full coverage of PL/SQL, from the basics for those new to the language, up through advanced topics, and is perfectly suited for a course on the subject
  • Helps prepare individuals for the new Oracle Certification exam, Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL (#1Z0-147)
  • Offers hundreds of opportunities for valuable hands-on practice, including step-by-step tutorials as well as review questions, hands-on assignments, and case projects in every chapter
  • Uses SQL*Plus as the tool of choice for hands-on tasks, and includes two debugging appendices dedicated to Procedure Builder and "TOAD" (Tool for Oracle Application Developers)
  • Can be bundled with Course Technology Kit for Oracle9i Software, which includes the Oracle9i Database software.


本書完整介紹了使用PL/SQL進行編程的主題,包括從開始時對PL/SQL的介紹,一直到高級主題的涵蓋。同時也幫助學生準備Oracle9i PL/SQL編程認證考試。

1. PL/SQL介紹
2. 在PL/SQL塊中處理數據
3. PL/SQL處理
4. 過程
5. 函數
6. PL/SQL包
7. 程序單元依賴
8. 數據庫觸發器
9. Oracle提供的包
10. 動態SQL和對象技術介紹
11. 性能調優
A: Brewbeans數據庫表
B: 過程生成器
C: TOAD(Oracle應用程序開發人員工具)
D: PL/SQL和Oracle9i開發人員表單(可在www.course.com上的學生下載頁面上找到)

- 提供了完整的PL/SQL覆蓋範圍,從基礎知識到高級主題,非常適合進行相關課程
- 幫助個人準備新的Oracle認證考試,Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL (#1Z0-147)
- 提供了數百個寶貴的實踐機會,包括逐步教程、復習問題、實踐任務和每章的案例項目
- 使用SQL*Plus作為實踐任務的首選工具,並包括兩個用於過程生成器和'TOAD'(Oracle應用程序開發人員工具)的調試附錄
- 可與Oracle9i軟件的Course Technology套件捆綁在一起,該套件包括Oracle9i數據庫軟件。