Java Web Services Unleashed

Robert J. Brunner, Frank Cohen, Francisco Curbera, Darren Govoni, Steven Haines, Matthias Kloppmann, Benoit Marchal, K. Scott Morrison, Arthur Ryman, Joseph Weber, Mark Wutka

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  • 出版日期: 2002-04-16
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"Java Web Services Unleashed" explores everything Java developers need for Web service development. Starting with the business considerations and roles of service-related technologies within the Java architecture, the authors then demonstrate applications using the "pillars" of Web service creation: SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL. Next, the book introduces the JAX* pack - a set of Java APIs for XML programming that ease and enhance service development - using real-world examples explaining the importance of each JAX* API. Later chapters include a series of larger case studies of service development using many Java technologies including JSP and EJB.

Table of Contents


I. Introduction to Web Services.

1. What Are Web Services?

B2B Means A2A. Bringing All the Pieces Together. Ideology Wars Without Just One Winner. Changing Businesses Everywhere. What Are Web Services? The Impact of Web Service Technologies. Summary.

2. The Internet and Web Services: Changing Business.

A New Old Thing. Metamodeling Your Business. The Technical Appeal of Web Services. Business Roles. Effects on Business Models. The Business Case. Business Directions and Perspectives. Summary.

3. Becoming a Web Services Provider.

Searching for Practical Examples. Web Service Availability. Finding Web Services Applications. Different Web Service Providers. Preparing for the Future. Summary.

4. Building Web Services with Java.

Web Services Architecture. Java Building Blocks. The Future of Java Web Services. Summary.

5. A Simple Java Web Service.

The Application. The Web Service Framework. Invoking a SOAP Service. Under the Covers. Generating Web Services. Publishing and Finding Services. Summary.

6. Building a JSP Web Service.

The Application. Building the Web Service. The ByteGourmet Server. Summary.

II. Web Services Tools.

7. Understanding SOAP.

History of SOAP. SOAP Basics. Messaging Framework. The SOAP Encoding. Transport Options. Summary.

8. SOAP Basics.

Writing SOAP Nodes. A Simple Web Service: Booking Service. Public Interface: Design Considerations. Apache SOAP for RPC. Summary.

9. UDDI.

UDDI in Web Services: Why Is It Needed? Basic UDDI. UDDI Roles. Summary.

10. UDDI in Depth.

Inquiry: Finding Items. Inquiry: Getting Details. Publishing. Replication. Summary.

11. WSDL.

Welcome to WSDL. Communication Processes. Types. Messages. Operations. Port Type. Binding. Port. Service. Creating WSDL Documents from a Java Class. Accessing a Web Service via a WSDL Document. Summary.

III. The JAX Pack.

12. JAXP.

XML Components. Simple API for XML (SAX) Parser. Document Object Model (DOM). XSLT. JAXP and Web Services. Summary.

13. JAXB.

Prerequisites. JAXB Terminology. Binding an XML Schema to a Class. Using JAXB-Built Classes. Advanced Binding Schemas. Subclassing a Generated Class. Summary.

14. JAXR.

The Need for a Registry API. Basic JAXR Classes. The JAXR Data Model. Using JAXR. Summary.

15. JAXM.

Introduction to JAXM. Architecture. Implementation. Basic Steps. Connections. Endpoints. Messages. Tying It All Together. Summary.

16. JAX-RPC.

Why Another API? Data Mapping. Service Mapping. Comparing JAX-RPC with Other Distributed Technologies. Summary.

IV. Completing Web Services.

17. Handling Security in Web Services.

Why Is Encryption Important? Encryption in Java. Using Secure Sockets with SOAP. Encryption in XML. Summary.

18. Web Services and Flows (WSFL).

Service Flow and Service Composition. Flow Modeling Concepts. Flows as Compositions of Web Services. Exposing Flows as Web Services. Public and Private Flows. Global Models. References. Summary.

19. Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF).

Time Server Introduction. Apache SOAP Client. WSDL File. WSIF Dynamic Client. The Dynamic Invoker. Java Stub Generation. Summary.

V. Implementing Web Services.

20. Inventory Management Application.

Architecture. A Web Inventory. At the Wholesaler Site. At the Reseller Site. Building and Running the Project. Summary.

21. Stock Trading Application—EJB.

User Authentication. Application Architecture. SOAP and Enterprise Java Beans. Software Packages. The StockTrading SOAP Object. The Trading Session Bean. Entity Beans. A Test Client. Summary.

22. Testing Web Services.

Framework for Developing Web services. Test Strategies. Testing Web Services Using TestMaker. New Web Services Technology, New Test Methodology. Scalability and Performance Testing. Building Maintainable Test Agents with TestMaker. Script Languages and Test Agents. Monitoring Web Services for Service Level Guarantees. Resources. Summary.

23. Tools for Building Web Services.

Overview of Web Services Development Tasks. A Quick Tour of Web Services Tools. Tools for Creating Web Services. Tools for Deploying Web Services. Tools for Testing Web Services. Tools for Publishing Web Services. Tools for Discovering Web Services. Tools for Accessing Web Services. Summary.

24. Building Web Services with WebLogic.

Web Services in WebLogic. How It Works. Development Lifecycle and Environment. The Curmudgeon. Next Generation Web services. Resources. Summary.