Windows PowerShell Unleashed, 2/e

Tyson Kopczynski, Pete Handley, Marco Shaw

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  • 出版日期: 2008-12-14
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  • ISBN-13: 9780672329883
  • 相關分類: Powershell
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PowerShell gives Windows administrators immense power to automate and customize virtually any administrative task–saving time, increasing productivity, and giving you unprecedented flexibility. PowerShell 2.0 adds important new features that offer even greater control over Windows environments. Windows PowerShell Unleashed will not only give you deep mastery over PowerShell but also a greater understanding of the features being introduced in PowerShell 2.0–and show you how to use it to solve your challenges in your production environment.


The authors begin by systematically illuminating PowerShell’s core concepts and techniques, helping you leverage whatever Windows scripting experience you may already have. Next, using complete, easy-to-adapt examples, they show how to use PowerShell to manage file systems, permissions, the Registry, WMI objects, Active Directory, Exchange Server, and many other elements of the Windows environment.


More than half of this edition’s material and examples have been completely rewritten for PowerShell 2.0, and the authors have added seven entirely new chapters–covering security, PowerShell application development, Systems Center Operations Manager 2007, and much more. Whatever Windows systems you manage, Windows PowerShell Unleashed contains the scripts and techniques you need to manage them far more effectively.


  • Install, configure, and customize PowerShell 2.0 and master its command line interface
  • Discover proven best practices for PowerShell scripting
  • Make the most of PowerShell cmdlets–especially the new cmdlets included in PowerShell 2.0
  • Leverage PowerShell’s deep .NET Framework integration
  • Secure your scripts using code signing, execution policies, and PowerShell’s built-in security
  • Use custom script functions to manage permissions more efficiently
  • Control the registry locally and remotely and use PowerShell’s powerful new registry transactions
  • Use PowerShell as a management interface
  • Automate Exchange Server 2007 administrative tasks
  • Automate the management of Microsoft’s new System Center Operations Manager 2007
  • Preview the forthcoming Graphical PowerShell scripting environment
  • Understand how to manage Active Directory using PowerShell
  • Master using PowerShell with WMI
  • Learn PowerShell 2.0 remoting


Download all examples and source code presented in this book from


PowerShell 為 Windows 管理員提供了強大的功能,可以自動化和自定義幾乎任何管理任務,節省時間,提高生產力,並提供前所未有的靈活性。PowerShell 2.0 增加了重要的新功能,可以更好地控制 Windows 環境。《Windows PowerShell Unleashed》不僅將使您深入掌握 PowerShell,還將更深入地了解 PowerShell 2.0 中引入的功能,並向您展示如何在生產環境中使用它來解決挑戰。

作者們首先系統地闡明了 PowerShell 的核心概念和技術,幫助您充分利用您可能已經具備的 Windows 腳本經驗。接下來,他們使用完整且易於適應的示例,展示如何使用 PowerShell 管理文件系統、權限、註冊表、WMI 對象、Active Directory、Exchange Server 和 Windows 環境的其他元素。

本版的超過一半內容和示例已經完全重寫為 PowerShell 2.0,作者還新增了七個全新的章節,涵蓋安全性、PowerShell 應用程序開發、Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 等等。無論您管理哪種 Windows 系統,《Windows PowerShell Unleashed》都包含了您管理這些系統所需的腳本和技術,使您能夠更有效地管理它們。

- 安裝、配置和自定義 PowerShell 2.0,並掌握其命令行界面
- 發現 PowerShell 腳本的成熟最佳實踐
- 充分利用 PowerShell cmdlet,特別是 PowerShell 2.0 中新增的 cmdlet
- 利用 PowerShell 深度整合 .NET Framework
- 使用代碼簽名、執行策略和 PowerShell 內建的安全功能來保護您的腳本
- 使用自定義腳本函數更高效地管理權限
- 在本地和遠程控制註冊表,並使用 PowerShell 強大的新註冊表事務
- 使用 PowerShell 作為管理界面
- 自動化 Exchange Server 2007 的管理任務
- 自動化 Microsoft 新的 System Center Operations Manager 2007 的管理
- 預覽即將推出的圖形化 PowerShell 腳本環境
- 了解如何使用 PowerShell 管理 Active Directory
- 掌握使用 PowerShell 與 WMI
- 學習 PowerShell 2.0 遠程管理

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