Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Unleashed, 3/e (Paperback)

Lars Powers, Mike Snell

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  • 出版日期: 2015-09-05
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 empowers you to write next-generation applications for any modern environment: mobile, web, cloud, universal Windows 10/8.x, database, and beyond. This end-to-end deep dive will help working developers squeeze maximum productivity out of Microsoft’s powerful new toolset.

The authors combine authoritative and detailed information about Microsoft’s latest IDE, with extensive insights and best practices drawn from decades of development experience. Developers will quickly get comfortable with Visual Studio 2015’s updated interface, master its new capabilities, leverage its extensive new support for open standards, and discover multiple opportunities to leverage its .NET 4.6 platform and language improvements.

By focusing entirely on Visual Studio 2015 Professional, the authors go deeper into Microsoft’s core product than ever before. You’ll find expert coverage of everything from debugging through deploying to Azure, IDE extension and automation through cross-platform mobile development. Throughout, this book’s focus is relentlessly practical: how to apply Microsoft’s tools to build better software, faster.


Detailed information on how to...

  • Master Visual Studio 2015’s updated interface and key tools: Solutions, Projects, Browsers, Explorers, Editors, and Designers to improve productivity
  • Develop robust cross-platform mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android using Apache Cordova templates for Visual Studio
  • Use the new ASP.NET 5 to build modern web solutions that run on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Develop Single Page Applications (SPAs) based on HTML5 and rich client-side JavaScript frameworks such as Knockout, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and more
  • Accelerate cloud development with the Azure SDK, QuickStart templates, and Azure management portal
  • Create mobile service solutions using ASP.NET Web API and WCF
  • Streamline data development across multiple platforms with Entity Framework 7
  • Develop modern Microsoft Office business applications
  • Perform robust, automated unit testing as you code, increasing your confidence in changes and refactoring
  • Extend the VS 2015 IDE and Code Editor by creating custom, productivity-enhancing solutions

Download all examples and source code presented in this book from as they become available.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 讓您能夠為任何現代環境(包括行動、網頁、雲端、通用 Windows 10/8.x、資料庫等)撰寫下一代應用程式。這本全面深入的書籍將幫助開發人員充分發揮 Microsoft 強大的新工具組,提高生產力。

作者結合了關於 Microsoft 最新整合開發環境(IDE)的權威和詳細資訊,並融入數十年的開發經驗,提供了豐富的見解和最佳實踐。開發人員將迅速熟悉 Visual Studio 2015 的更新介面,掌握其新功能,充分利用其對開放標準的廣泛支援,並發現多種機會來利用其 .NET 4.6 平台和語言改進。

本書完全專注於 Visual Studio 2015 專業版,比以往更深入地探索了 Microsoft 的核心產品。您將找到關於從除錯到部署到 Azure、IDE 擴展和自動化到跨平台行動開發的專家覆蓋範圍。整本書的焦點始終是實用的:如何應用 Microsoft 的工具來建立更好、更快的軟體。


- 掌握 Visual Studio 2015 的更新介面和關鍵工具:解決方案、專案、瀏覽器、探索器、編輯器和設計工具,以提高生產力
- 使用 Apache Cordova 模板為 Visual Studio 開發堅固的跨平台行動應用程式(支援 Windows、iOS 和 Android)
- 使用新的 ASP.NET 5 建立在 Windows、Mac 或 Linux 上運行的現代網頁解決方案
- 基於 HTML5 和豐富的客戶端 JavaScript 框架(如 Knockout、AngularJS、Bootstrap 等)開發單頁應用程式(SPA)
- 使用 Azure SDK、QuickStart 模板和 Azure 管理入口加速雲端開發
- 使用 ASP.NET Web API 和 WCF 建立行動服務解決方案
- 在多個平台上使用 Entity Framework 7 簡化資料開發
- 開發現代化的 Microsoft Office 商業應用程式
- 在編碼過程中進行強大的自動化單元測試,提高對變更和重構的信心
- 通過創建自定義的增強生產力解決方案,擴展 VS 2015 IDE 和程式碼編輯器

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