Microsoft Word Version 2002 Inside Out

Microsoft Corporation

  • 出版商: MicroSoft
  • 出版日期: 2001-06-30
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  • 貴賓價: 9.5$1,520
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 1184
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735612781
  • ISBN-13: 9780735612785
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Conquer Word—from the inside out!

Hey, you know your way around Word—so now dig into Version 2002 and really put your documents to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format—it’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of Word mastery!

• Build on what you already know about Word and quickly dive into what’s new
• Master formatting tools and techniques
• Add visual impact—from text effects to drawings and 3-D objects
• Produce better tables and charts
• Develop custom forms and master mail merge
• Create Web pages with hyperlinks, graphics, and multimedia
• Collaborate on line, and then compare and merge documents in a snap
• Help protect documents with passwords and digital signatures
• Employ speech and handwriting recognition tools
• Build and run macros with Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications

• Intuitive HTML interface
• Extensive collection of Microsoft add-ins and third-party utilities, demos, and trials
• Complete eBook—easy to browse and print!
• Sample chapters from other INSIDE OUT Office XP books
• Web links to Microsoft Office Tools on the Web, online troubleshooters, and product support
• Microsoft Visio® customizable auto-demos
• Interactive tutorials
• Additional files and templates


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xxxvii
    Wed Like To Hear from You xxxix
    Conventions Used in This Book xxxx
CHAPTER 1   Gearing Up with Word 2002 3
    Finding Out Whats New 3
        Checking Out the New, Streamlined Look 4
        Introducing the Big Additions 6
        Collaborative Document Enhancements 7
        Formatting Enhancements 8
        Editing Enhancements 10
        Mail Merge Revamped 11
        Printing Changes 11
        Web Improvements 12
        Crash Protection 13
    Investigating Words Interface Tools 14
        Working with Menus 15
        Putting Scrollbars to Work 17
        Using Keyboard Shortcuts 19
        Viewing Documents in Various Lights 20
        Creating Convenient Toolbar Displays 27
        Interpreting Status Bar Data 30
CHAPTER 2   Creating Documents from Start to Finish 31
    Getting Started with Blank Documents 32
        Working with the New Document Task Pane 32
        Implementing Templates and Wizards 35
    Mastering Document Content Fundamentals 38
        Inputting Information 39
        Moving Within Documents Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Function Keys 40
        Performing Basic Editing Tasks 43
        Positioning Content Effectively 54
    Saving Documents 57
        Saving Changes in Existing Documents 57
        Saving Files Using the Save As Dialog Box 57
        Saving a File as a Web Page 61
        Saving a File on a Network 62
        Creating Automatic Backups 63
    Retrieving Documents 63
        Displaying Existing Documents 63
        Searching for Files 67
    Working with Multiple Files 67
        Switching Among Open Files 68
        Saving All Open Documents Simultaneously 69
    Taking Advantage of AutoRecovery and Background Saves 69
CHAPTER 3   Getting the Most from Help 73
    Finding Answers Quickly 73
        Using the Ask A Question Box 74
        Using Whats This? 75
    Training Your Office Assistant 76
        Getting Help from the Assistant 76
        Hiding Your Assistant 77
        Changing Assistant Behavior 78
        Displaying Tips 79
        Selecting a Different Assistant 79
        Getting Rid of Your Assistant 80
    Working with Microsoft Word Help 81
        Displaying Help 81
        Controlling Help Displays 82
        Using the Answer Wizard 83
        Using the Help Contents to Get Help 83
        Working with the Help Index 84
    Getting Help with Office on the Web 85
        Using Microsofts Knowledge Base 86
        Researching FAQs 87
        Getting Newsgroup-Style Support 87
    Getting Help for System Recovery 88
        Crash Reporting 89
        Recovering Documents 90
        Setting AutoRecover Intervals 90
CHAPTER 4   Printing with Precision 93
    Previewing Before Printing 93
        Getting Comfortable in Print Preview Mode 94
        Controlling How Print Preview Displays Documents 95
        Editing in Print Preview Mode 98
    Printing Quickly and Efficiently 100
    Canceling a Print Job 101
    Controlling Print Jobs 101
        Printing More Than One Copy of a Single Document 102
        Printing Ranges 102
        Printing Document Elements 104
        Printing Draft Copies 107
        Printing Several Pages per Sheet 107
        Scaling Printed Documents 107
        Creating a Print File 108
    Setting Print Options 109
CHAPTER 5   Adding Panache with Text Formatting and Special Characters 115
    Formatting Text Efficiently 115
        Specifying Fonts and Sizes 117
        Applying Multiple Font Attributes at One Time 118
        Applying Bold, Italic, and Underline Attributes 120
        Changing Text Color 121
        Copying Styles Using the Format Painter 123
        Adding Text Effects and Animation 124
        Changing Case 127
        Controlling Character Spacing 128
        Clearing Formatting Attributes 129
    Inserting Symbols and Special Characters 130
        Adding Symbols 130
        Adding Special Characters 132
        Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert Symbols and Special Characters 133
        Inserting Symbols Automatically 134
    Inserting Date and Time Elements—The Quick Way 136
CHAPTER 6   Putting Text Tools to Work 137
    Applying Quick Format Changes 138
        Copying Formats Without Styles 138
        Choosing Formats to View 139
        Employing the Format Painter 140
    Painless AutoFormatting 141
        Applying AutoFormatting 142
        Setting AutoFormat Options 143
        Disabling AutoFormat Features You Dont Use 145
        AutoFormatting As You Type 145
    Seeing Whats Going On with Reveal Formatting 146
        Making Changes from Reveal Formatting 148
        Displaying Formatting Marks from Reveal Formatting 148
        Changing the Displayed Formatting Marks 149
        Comparing Other Text Formats 150
        Making Changes in Compared Text 151
    AutoCorrecting Your Typos Away 153
        Controlling AutoCorrect 153
    Making AutoText Work for You 160
        Inserting AutoText Entries 160
        Inserting AutoText in Your Document 161
        Adding Your Own AutoText Entries 162
        Managing AutoText Entries 163
        Using the AutoText Toolbar 165
    Getting the Scoop on Smart Tags 165
        Following a Smart Tag 166
        Turning Off Smart Tags 167
        Understanding Recognizers 168
        Rechecking Your Document 168
        Getting Additional Smart Tags 168
        Removing Smart Tags 168
    Exploring the New and Improved Clipboard 169
        Pasting from the Office Clipboard 169
        Setting Clipboard Options 169
CHAPTER 7   Aligning Information and Styling Paragraphs 171
    Understanding the Significance of Paragraphs in Word Documents 172
    Formatting Paragraphs by Aligning and Indenting Text 175
        Aligning Paragraphs Using Toolbar Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts 175
        Aligning Paragraphs Using the Ruler 175
        Aligning Paragraphs Using the Paragraph Dialog Box 178
    Addressing Spacing Issues 180
        Specifying Line Spacing 180
        Adjusting Spacing Above and Below Paragraphs 182
    Controlling Alignment Using Tabs 183
        Putting the Ruler to Work to Set Tabs 184
        Creating Tabs Using the Tabs Dialog Box 185
        Clearing Custom Tabs 187
    Modifying Paragraph Attributes Using Reveal Formatting 188
    Controlling Line and Page Breaks 189
    Taking Charge of Hyphenation 190
        Hyphenating an Entire Document Automatically 191
        Hyphenating Part of a Document Automatically 192
        Hyphenating All or Part of a Document Manually 192
    Creating Drop Caps in Existing Paragraphs 193
CHAPTER 8   Enumerating with Lists, Lists, and More Lists 195
    List-Making the Effective Way 195
        When Bullets Work 196
        When Numbers Matter 197
    Preparing to Create Lists 197
    Creating a Quick List 198
    Ending a List—the Way You Want 199
    Customizing Lists 199
        Enhancing Bulleted Lists 199
        Selecting a Different Bullet Character 201
        Improving Numbered Lists 205
    Resolving List Challenges 208
        Turning Off AutoFormat Features 208
CHAPTER 9   Formatting Columns and Sections for Advanced Text Control 211
    Planning Your Document 212
    Choosing Predesigned Columns 213
    Creating a Multi-Column Document 214
        Using the Columns Button 215
        Choosing Column Specs in the Columns Dialog Box 216
        Creating Columns for Part of a Document 216
        Creating Unequal Column Widths 217
        Changing Column Width on the Ruler 218
        Getting Text into a Column Layout 219
        Choosing Text Alignment 220
        Beginning a New Column Layout 221
        Inserting Column Breaks 222
        Removing Column Breaks 222
        Balancing Your Columns 222
    Working in Sections 223
        Creating a Section 223
        Selecting Multiple Sections 224
        Removing Section Breaks 224
CHAPTER 10   Using Styles to Increase Your Formatting Power 227
    Understanding Styles 228
        Working with Words Default Styles 229
        Getting to Know the New Styles And Formatting Task Pane 230
        Configuring the Width of the Style Area 233
    Making Styles Work for You 234
        Applying Existing Styles to Text 234
        Selecting and Changing All Instances of a Style 235
        Clearing Formatting in Selected Text 236
    Creating New Styles 237
        Creating New Styles Based on Preformatted Text 239
        Using the AutoFormat Feature to Create Styles as You Type 239
        Creating New Styles Using the New Style Dialog Box 240
    Modifying Existing Styles 245
        Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Styles 245
        Renaming a Style 246
        Adjusting Style Properties 247
        Updating an Existing Style to Match Selected Text 247
        Deleting Styles 248
    Copying Styles from One Document to Another 249
CHAPTER 11   Outlining Documents for Clarity and Structure 251
    10 Reasons to Outline Your Next Long Document 252
    Using the Document Map vs. the Outline 254
    Viewing a Document in Outline View 255
        Exploring the Outlining Toolbar 257
    Creating a New Outline 259
    Choosing the Way You Want Your Outline Displayed 260
        Displaying Different Levels of Text 260
        Showing the First Line of Text 262
        Removing and Redisplaying Formatting 263
    Working with Headings in Outline View 263
        Adding a Heading 264
        Applying Outline Levels 264
        Promoting and Demoting Headings 265
    Changing Your Outline 266
        Expanding and Collapsing the Outline 266
        Moving Outline Topics 267
    Updating Your Table of Contents 269
    Numbering Your Outline 270
        Adding a Numbering Scheme 270
        Customizing the Numbering Scheme 273
    Printing Your Outline 277
CHAPTER 12   Honing Document Navigation Skills 279
    Conducting Basic and Advanced Searches 280
        Using Basic Search to Find Documents 282
        Conducting Advanced Searches Based on Document Properties 287
        Speeding Search Tasks Using the Indexing Service 289
    Accessing Document Areas Using the Document Map 290
    Finding Text and Elements Within the Current Document 292
        Finding and Selecting Items 293
        Configuring Options on the Find Tab 293
        Finding Instances of Formatting 296
        Finding Special Characters Using Codes 297
    Replacing Text 299
    Jumping to Document Areas Using the Go To and Select Browse Object Options 300
CHAPTER 13   Maximizing Electronic Reference Tools 303
    Building a Documents Credibility Using Spelling and Grammar Tools 303
        Benefiting from Automated Spelling and Grammar Checking 304
        Scrutinizing Your Spelling 309
        Managing Custom Dictionaries 314
        Brushing Up Your Grammar 320
    Enlivening Your Vocabulary Using the Thesaurus 323
        Replacing Existing Text with a Synonym or an Antonym 323
        Thumbing Through the Virtual Pages of the Online Thesaurus 324
    Translating Text into Other Languages 325
    Scrutinizing Document Statistics 327
        Getting to the Point with AutoSummarize 327
        Judging a Documents Readability Level 330
        Displaying Word Count Statistics 330
CHAPTER 14   Adding Visual Impact with Pictures 335
    What a Difference an Image Makes! 336
    Finding Art You Can Use 336
        Paint and Draw Distinctions 336
    Enhancing Your Documents with Clip Art 337
        Inserting Art from the Task Pane 338
        Searching for Art in the Task Pane 339
    Using the Clip Organizer 341
        Working with an Image in the Clip Organizer 342
        Creating a New Collection 346
        Adding and Editing Keywords 347
        Deleting Unwanted Images 348
    Inserting Pictures 348
        Importing Images into Word 349
        Using Scanned and Digital Images in Word 349