Faster Smarter Internet

Microsoft, Kathy Ivens

  • 出版商: MicroSoft
  • 出版日期: 2002-11-12
  • 售價: $880
  • 貴賓價: 9.5$836
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 304
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0735618593
  • ISBN-13: 9780735618596
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Take charge of your online experience—faster, smarter, better!

Now you can do everyday things with the Internet—from installing a firewall to bagging an online bargain—faster, smarter, and better. Dive in! This friendly, high-energy guide makes it easy to teach yourself exactly what you need. Use the quick lists, numbered steps, and helpful examples to accelerate your productivity—and move on to doing the cool things you want to do!

• Learn what cookies reveal about you
• Share one Internet connection for multiple PCs
• Bring a live concert or ballgame to your desktop
• Help keep your wallet safer when shopping on line
• Talk it up with e-mail, instant messaging, and chat
• Get better, more targeted results from search engines
• Set up—and test—the right firewall for your needs
• Help keep your kids out of the Web’s dark corners


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments xi
Introduction xiii
The chapters in this part of the book are filled with information that will help you get started on the Internet. You'll learn how the Internet works, and how you get to where you want to go, and you'll learn some of the terminology and jargon attached to Internet travel.  
CHAPTER 1:   What's the Internet and How Do I Get There? 3
    Hopping Around the Internet 4
        Internet Addresses—Numbers and Names 6
        Your Servers Await You 6
    What's the Web? 9
        Hypertext—More Than Just Text 9
        Before the Web—Animals and Comic Books 10
    Who's In Charge? 11
CHAPTER 2:   What Do I Need to Get There? 13
    Handling the Hardware Side 13
        Telephone Modems 14
        Cable Modems 17
        Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Devices 19
    What's an ISP? 20
        Choosing an ISP 20
        Enabling ISP Configuration Settings 21
    Sharing an Internet Connection on a Network 24
    Enabling a Shared Connection with Software 25
    Enabling a Shared Connection with Hardware 27
CHAPTER 3:   Protecting Your Computer from Invaders 29
    Barricade Your Computer with a Firewall 30
        What's an Internet Attack? 30
        How a Firewall Works 31
    Software Firewalls 33
        Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall 34
        ZoneAlarm 39
        BlackIce 47
        Installing BlackIce 47
        Using Firewall Log Files to Play Detective 57
    Hardware Firewalls for Networks 58
    How to Test Your Firewall 59
    Inoculate Your Computer Against Viruses 60
        What's a Virus and How Does It Work? 61
        How Antivirus Software Works 65
        Data Information Files 67
        Getting the Most Out of Antivirus Software 67
        Stupid Virus Hoaxes 69
CHAPTER 4:   Kids and the Internet 71
    Rules to Make (and with Luck, Enforce) 72
        No-Privacy Zones 72
        Treat Passwords Like State Secrets 72
        Chat About Chat Rooms 73
        Give Kids an Escape Hatch 74
        Privacy? Is This a Democracy? 75
    Internet Explorer Controls 76
        How the Advisor Advises 76
        Turn On the Controls 77
        Set the Supervisor Password 77
        Category Ratings 77
        Do-It-Yourself Site Ratings 78
        Set Basic Options for the Advisor 79
        Advanced Settings for the Super Cautious 81
    Put a Cop on the Beat 81
        CyberPatrol 82
        CyberSitter 82
        Net Nanny 83
The chapters in this part are filled with in-depth information about the tools available to you when you venture on to the Internet. You'll learn how to get the most out of your browser, using features that make Internet travel faster and easier.  
CHAPTER 5:   Browsing the World 87
    What Exactly Is a Browser? 87
    Getting Around the Web 88
        Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) 88
        Links 93
    Visiting Familiar Haunts 95
        These Are a Few of My Favorite Sites 96
        Links to Very Special Favorites 100
        Checking Your Travel History 102
    Cookies—Not for Munching 105
        The Great Cookie Debate 106
        Cookie Flavors 110
        Controlling Cookies with Internet Explorer 111
        Third-Party Software for Cookie Controls 115
CHAPTER 6:   Searching for Information 117
    What's a Search Engine? 118
        Eewww-Spiders 118
        Indexes (Indices?) 119
        User Interface 119
    Vroom Vroom—Start Your Search Engines 120
        Internet Explorer Search Assistant 120
        Finding the Right Words 126
        Using Directories 130
    Send a Ferret 131
CHAPTER 7:   That's Entertainment 133
    What Do I Need? 134
        Not for the Connection-Speed Impaired 134
        Nuts and Bolts—The Hardware 134
        Software 137
    Listen Up! 138
        Whistle While You Work 138
        Take Me Out to the Ballgame 139
        Technical Tips for Internet Broadcasts 139
    Do-It-Yourself Media 140
        Copying Music Tracks 141
        Using the Media Library 142
        Creating Playlists 142
        Downloading MP3 Music 143
        Downloading Music—Read the Fine Print 144
CHAPTER 8:   Shopping Online 147
    Safe Shopping 147
        What Makes a Server Secure? 149
        Encryption—a Ticket for Secure Travel 150
    Finding Online Stores 151
        Visiting Your Favorite Merchants 151
        Online-Only Merchants 152
        Portals to Shopping Malls 153
    Caveat Emptor 154
    Tips and Tricks for Online Shopping 155
        Profiles 156
        Automatic E-mail 156
        Ship-To Address Lists 156
        Credit Card Numbers 157
    Other Ways to Spend Money Online 158
        Travel 158
        Online Auctions—Garage Sales on the Web 160
CHAPTER 9:   The Interactive Internet 163
    Shazam! My Desktop Is a Web Server 163
        How Can a Desktop Become a Web Server? 164
        Enable Active Desktop 164
    Add Web Pages to Your Desktop 167
        Collect the Web Page Addresses You Need 167
        Bring It On Down 168
    Did That Web Page Change? 171
        Synchronize Desktop Web Pages Manually 172
The last part of the book is about all the tools and features that let you communicate with other Internet users. You'll learn how to get the most out of e-mail, chat rooms, online games, and real-time exchange of messages. This is the fun stuff!  
CHAPTER 10:   Managing E-Mail 179
    Will the Real You Please Sign In? 179
        Technical Stuff You Need to Know 180
        Outlook Express Mail Accounts 181
        Eudora Mail Personalities 182
        Web-Based Mailboxes at Your ISP 185
        Have a Dual Identity? 185
    Sending and Receiving E-Mail 188
        Headers 188
        Address Groups 190
        Attachments 192
    E-Mail Etiquette 193
        Forwarding Mail—The Scourge of the Internet 194
        Terminally Cute Message Formats 194
        Terminally Clever Signatures 195
        Down With Receipts! 195
    Dealing with Those %%#$ Spammers 196
CHAPTER 11:   Join the Clubs 199
    Mailing Lists 200
        Newsletters 200
        Discussion Lists 201
        Finding Lists 204
        Organize Your Mailing Lists 204
    Newsgroups 214
        What and Where Are Newsgroups? 214
        Newsgroup Names—Confusing but Logical 215
        Using Outlook Express as a Newsreader 215
    Web Site Forum 222
CHAPTER 12:   Hangin' Out on the Internet 225
    Chat Online 225
        Dangling Conversations 225
        Who's Who? 226
        What Did He Say? 227
        Finding Chat Rooms 228
    Instant Messages 231
        Microsoft Instant Messaging 231
        Yahoo! Messenger 247
        AOL IM for Non-AOLers 248
    NetMeeting 248
        Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Meeting 249
        Share Software 251
        Chat During the Meeting 252
CHAPTER 13:   Virtual Playgrounds 255
    Finding Games 255
        Windows XP Internet Games 256
        Game Sites 259
    Outfit Your Computer for Games 261
        Video 261
        Browser Plug-Ins 261
APPENDIX:   Create a Company Web Site 265