Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, 2/e (Paperback)

Steve McConnell



Fully updated version of Steve McConnell’s classic guide to best practices in software development

For more than a decade, Steve McConnell, one of the premier authors and voices in the software community, has helped change the way developers write code—and produce better software. Now his classic book, CODE COMPLETE, has been fully updated and revised with best practices in the art and science of constructing software. Whether you're a new developer seeking a sound introduction to the practice of software development or a veteran exploring strategic new approaches to problem solving, you'll find a wealth of practical suggestions and methods for strengthening your skills. Topics include design, applying good techniques to construction, eliminating errors, planning, managing construction activities, and relating personal character to superior software. This new edition features fully updated information on programming techniques, including the emergence of Web-style programming, and integrated coverage of object-oriented design. You'll also find new code examples—both good and bad—in C++, Microsoft(r) Visual Basic(r), C#, and Java, though the focus is squarely on techniques and practices


Steve McConnell的經典著作《CODE COMPLETE》的全新更新版,提供軟體開發最佳實踐的指南。

在軟體界,Steve McConnell是最重要的作者和聲音之一,多年來一直致力於改變開發者的程式撰寫方式,並提供更好的軟體。現在,他的經典著作《CODE COMPLETE》已經全面更新和修訂,內容包含軟體建構的藝術和科學中的最佳實踐。無論你是一位新手開發者尋求對軟體開發實踐的良好介紹,還是一位老手探索解決問題的新策略,你都會找到大量實用的建議和方法來增強你的技能。主題包括設計、應用良好的建構技術、消除錯誤、計劃、管理建構活動以及個人品格與優秀軟體之間的關聯。這個新版本提供了完全更新的程式設計技術資訊,包括Web風格程式設計的出現,並整合了面向對象的設計。你還會找到新的程式碼範例,包括C++、Microsoft(r) Visual Basic(r)、C#和Java,但重點是技術和實踐方法。