Inside Flash 5 (Paperback)

Jody Keating, Fig Leaf Software

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Inside Flash 5 is hands-on, tutorial-based instruction on how to use Flash that goes several steps further than perceived competitors and provides more advanced-level instruction, including a quarter of the book on ActionScript. Inside Flash 5 shows the program's functionality from a practical, project-based, best-practices approach; the book teaches how to get results using the tool, rather than simply reviewing the functionality of each button on the interface. Chapters begin with preview goals, feature complete and practical projects that are designed to further the skill-sets of working professionals and serious students, utilize sidebar information sections that add context to the general discussion, and finish with review material that helps many readers buttress what they've just learned.

Table of Contents


1. Introducing Flash 5.
What's New in Flash 5. The Flash 5 Interface. A Quick Look at Drawing in Flash 5. The Timeline. Scenes and Movie Clips. Symbols and the Library. The Macromedia Dashboard. Summary.

2. Customizing Flash 5 to Suit Your Workflow.
Setting up Default Movie Properties. Using Panel Sets. Custom Panel Sets. Setting Preferences. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts. Summary.

3. Finding Your Way with the Movie Explorer.
The Movie Explorer Interface. Searching for Elements. Using the Movie Explorer Options to Edit Your Flash Files. Replacing Fonts. Summary.

4. Flash and Generator.
Introduction to Generator. The Generator Interface. Generator Variables. Using an External Data Source. Applying Transformations. Using Symbol Commands. Using Variables for Generator Settings. Nesting Symbol Commands. Generator Objects. Using Generator to Create Charts. Publishing Generator Templates. Online versus Offline. Summary.


5. Importing, Using, and Optimizing Graphics.
Optimizing Bitmaps for Use in Flash. Converting Bitmaps to Vector Graphics. Importing Vector Graphics. Importing Art from Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand. Combining Bitmaps and Vector Art. Bandwidth Profiler. Creating a Size Report. Summary.

6. Tips for Using the Library.
Using the Library Sorting Options. Using the Use Counts. Swapping and Updating Library Items. Using Shared Libraries. Creating and Using Font Symbols. Avoiding Shared Library Headaches. Creating Custom Permanent Libraries. Summary.

7. Creating Cool Effects with Text.
Simple Text Changes. Alpha Transparency and Brightness. Tweening Text on Paths. Text and Masking. Using Third-Party Text Tools. Building Your Own Effects. The Liberty File. Summary.

8. Making the Transition.
Simple Transitions. Combination Transitions. Spatial Transitions. Summary.

9. Masking Effects.
A Quick Overview of Masking. A Simple Spotlight Mask. Softening the Mask for Simple Shapes. Softening the Mask for Complex Shapes. ActionScript and Masking. Summary.

10. Animation Techniques.
Building the Story. Character Animation Basics. Adding Life to Your Character. Animating Your Backgrounds. Summary.

11. Faking Video in Flash.
Cinematography and Perspective in Flash. Using Video Stills for Film Sequences. Summary.

12. Creating 3-D Effects in Flash.
Tracing and Lighting in 3-D Planes. Using Third-Party 3-D Software. Using 3-D in Interfaces. Using Scaling and Paths for 3-D Motion. Summary.

13. Using Sound in Flash.
Sound Basics. Importing and Adding Sound to Your Movie. Streaming versus Event Sounds. Layering Sounds in Flash. Synchronizing Layered Sounds. Editing Sound in Flash. Adding Custom Effects. Sound Compression. Synchronizing Simple Animation and Sound. Turn Down That Noise. Preloading Your Sound and Animation. Summary.


14. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming.
Programming Fundamentals. Creating and Using Objects. Basic Programming. Creating Custom Prototype Objects. Designing Objects for Flash. Summary.

15. Menu Systems.
Making a Simple Pop-up Menu. Creating a Window-Based Menu System. Using Generator to Create a Menu. Summary.

16. Using Preloading Sequences.
Preloading in Flash 5 versus Flash 4. Using _framesloaded and _totalframes. Using getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal(). Amusing the User While Preloading. Summary.

17. Interface Techniques.
Basic Drag-and-Drop Interactivity. Drag-and-Drop with a Drop Target. Custom Cursors. Slide Control. Scrolling Text. Summary.

18. Controlling Sound Using the Sound Object.
The Sound Object. Attaching a Sound. Starting and Stopping a Sound. Controlling the Volume. Controlling the Pan. Preloading Attached Sounds. Summary.

19. Emulating the Natural World: A Poet's Introduction to Physics.
Programming Simple Movement. Throwing Objects Around the Stage. Elastic Movement. Detecting Collisions. Summary.

20. Using Flash 5's Stock Smart Clips: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, and Drop-Down Menus.
The Basic Smart Clips. Summary.

21. Working with Learning Interactions.
The Learning Interactions. Under the Hood with Learning Interactions. Summary.

22. Creating and Exchanging Your Own Smart Clips.
Creating Your Own Smart Clip. The Macromedia Flash Exchange. Summary.

23. Introduction to XML.
What Is XML? Loading and Sending XML. Moving Around Through XML. WDDX/XML and Flash. Summary.


24. Printing: What You See Is Not Always What You Get.
Printing from the Flash Player. Using the Print Action. Summary.

25. Storyboarding to Finished Project.
Storyboarding. Development. Tank Movement: Comparing Angles. Clicking the Island to Move the Tank. Swapping the Mouse Pointer. Animating the Tank Rotation. Animating the Tank Movement. Wind. Turret Control. The Bomb. Artwork. Integrating Artwork with Programming. Second-Player Functionality. Scoring and Multiple-Game Controls. Sounds. Preloader. Summary.

26. Browser and Platform Idiosyncrasies.
Successful Software/Hardware Combinations. Flash Player Detection. Archived Flash Players for Testing Purposes. Macintosh Idiosyncrasies. Windows Issues. Browser Issues. Summary.

27. Communicating with the Host Application.
Using Flash Actions to Communicate with the Host Application. JavaScript Methods for Flash Objects. Macromedia Dreamweaver JavaScript Integration Kit. Summary.

28. Working with Middleware.
Comparison of Middleware Languages. Integrating Middleware with Flash. A ColdFusion/Flash Application. Summary.


Appendix A. ActionScript Quick Reference.
Objects and Methods. ActionScript Operators. Properties. Actions.

Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference.
Standard Flash 5 Keyboard Shortcuts. Fireworks 3 Keyboard Shortcuts. FreeHand 9 Keyboard Shortcuts. Illustrator 9 Keyboard Shortcuts. Photoshop 5 Keyboard Shortcuts.

Appendix C. Flash Resources.
Text Tools. 3-D Tools. Cartoon Animation. Video Tools. Tools to Create Screen Savers. Other Tools. Royalty-Free Sound Resources. Font Resources. 3-D Modeling Resources. Flash Mailing Lists. Flash at Fig Leaf.

Appendix D. What's on the CD-ROM.
System Requirements. Loading the CD Files. Exercise Files. Third-Party Programs. Read This Before Opening the Software.



《Inside Flash 5》是一本實用的教學書,提供了比其他競爭對手更進階的Flash使用指導,其中有四分之一的內容專注於ActionScript。這本書以實際的、基於專案的、最佳實踐的方式展示了該程式的功能;書中教授如何使用這個工具獲得結果,而不僅僅是介紹介面上每個按鈕的功能。每章開始時都會設定預覽目標,並提供完整且實用的專案,旨在進一步提升專業人士和認真學習者的技能。書中還使用了側邊欄信息部分,以提供對一般討論的背景說明,並以複習材料結束,幫助讀者鞏固所學知識。

1. 介紹Flash 5
2. 自定義Flash 5以適應您的工作流程
3. 使用電影瀏覽器導航
4. Flash和Generator

5. 導入、使用和優化圖形
6. 使用庫的技巧
7. 使用文本創建酷炫效果
8. 轉場效果
9. 遮罩效果
10. 動畫技巧
11. 在Flash中模擬視頻
12. 在Flash中創建3D效果