Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Websites

Andrew Chak



Usability is not enough. This book shows what it takes to design a site so browsers become buyers: the ultimate measurement of success for an e-commerce site. Designing Persuasive Web Sites: Submit Now examines how customers search, evaluate, and make decisions realistically-not using marketing guesstimates.This book focuses on changing the mindset from selling to customers to helping them buy. It begins by exploring how customers make decisions and how that integrates with the online experience. It presents tangible design ideas that can be instantly applied to sites to make them more effective. Real examples are used to provide insight and inspiration that can be directly applied to a multitude of sites. The book provides a simplified description of the essential process necessary for designing a site that gets visitors to click. It concludes with guidelines to for designing any transaction-oriented site.



本書展示了設計一個網站以使瀏覽者成為購買者所需的要素,這是電子商務網站成功的最終衡量標準。《設計有說服力的網站:立即提交》(Designing Persuasive Web Sites: Submit Now)探討了客戶如何實際地搜索、評估和做出決策,而不是使用市場猜測。本書著重於從向客戶銷售轉變為幫助他們購買的心態。它首先探討了客戶如何做出決策以及如何與線上體驗相結合。它提供了可以立即應用於網站上以提高效果的具體設計思路。書中使用了真實的例子,提供了洞察和靈感,可以直接應用於眾多網站。本書簡要描述了設計一個能夠吸引訪客點擊的網站所需的基本流程。最後,它提供了設計任何交易導向網站的指南。