Practical Power System Protection (Paperback)

Leslie Hewitson, Mark Brown BAppSc(Phty) MHSc(Sport Phty) MBA FASMF, Ramesh Balakrishnan





Plant operators, electricians, field technicians and engineers will gain a practical understanding of the role and workings of power system protection systems from this work. An understanding of power systems and their optimized management will increase plant efficiency and performance as well as increasing safety levels. This book provides both the underpinning knowledge and basic calculations needed to understand, specify, use and maintain power protection systems, and the practical techniques required on a daily basis.

After studying this book you will have an excellent knowledge of the principles of protection. You will also have a better understanding of the possible problems likely to arise in day-to-day work with power protection systems.

Key areas of knowledge and expertise developed will include:

  • Fundamentals of electrical power protection and applications
  • Different fault types
  • Perform simple fault and design calculations
  • Practical knowledge of protection system components
  • Apply relay settings
  • Improve the safety of your site with the knowledge gained


Table of Contents:

Need for Protection, Fault Types and Effects, Simple Calculation of Short Circuit Currents, System Grounding, Fuses, Relays, Instrument Transformers,
Circuit Breakers, Tripping Batteries, Co-ordination by Time Grading, Low Voltage Networks, Mine Underground Distribution Protection, Principles of Unit Protection, Feeder Protection Cable Feeders and Overhead Lines, Transformer Protection, Switchgear (Busbar) Protection, Motor Protection Relays, Generator Protection, Advantages of Unit Protection, Management of Protection




- 電力保護的基礎知識和應用
- 不同的故障類型
- 進行簡單的故障和設計計算
- 對保護系統組件有實際的了解
- 應用繼電器設置
- 通過所獲知識提高現場安全性

- 保護的需求、故障類型和影響、短路電流的簡單計算、系統接地、熔斷器、繼電器、儀器互感器、斷路器、跳脫電池、時間分級協調、低壓網絡、礦山地下配電保護、單元保護原則、馈线保护电缆馈线和架空线路、变压器保护、开关设备(母线)保护、电动机保护继电器、发电机保护、单元保护的优点、保护管理