Electronic and Electrical Servicing, 2/e: Consumer and Commercial Electronics

Ian Sinclair, John Dunton




Electronic & Electrical Servicing provides a thorough grounding in the electronics and electrical principles required by service engineers servicing home entertainment equipment such as TVs, CD and DVD machines, as well as commercial equipment including PCs.

Ian Sinclair has been an author of market-leading books for electronic servicing courses for over 20 years, helping many thousands of students through their college course and NVQs into successful careers. Now with a new co-author, John Dunton, the new edition has been brought fully up to date to reflect the most recent technical advances and developments within the service engineering industry, in particular with regard to television and PC servicing and technology.

This new edition covers both the Level 2 and Level 3 requirements of the Progression Award from City & Guilds (6958): Electrical & Electronics Servicing (Consumer / Commercial Electronics) - Level 2 is covered in the printed book, Level 3 material is available as a free download for customers of the book. Readers will find complete coverage of the core units of this scheme, along with the option units PC Technology, and Radio and Television Systems Technology. The new edition is structured so that those students taking their studies to Level 3 will find the topics essential to their course are covered in the downloadable documents, in addition to those areas which are crucial to actual engineering practice, ensuring students will find this text to be a vital purchase as a source of continual reference as they embark upon their careers as service engineers and technicians. A mapping grid is included to illustrate which chapters address the specific requirements of the Progression Award syllabus, for ease of reference.

The book also offers a fully up-to-date course text for the City & Guilds 1687 NVQs at Levels 2 and 3.

* Complete coverage of the core units of the 6958 PA syllabus, along with the most popular the option units - PC Technology, and Radio & TV Systems Technology
* Level 2 material covered in the printed book; Level 3 material available as free downloads
* A new edition of a title which has been the market leading electronic servicing text for over 20 years


《電子與電氣維修》提供了對家庭娛樂設備(如電視、CD和DVD機)以及商業設備(包括個人電腦)進行維修所需的電子和電氣原理的全面基礎知識。Ian Sinclair在電子維修課程的市場領先書籍上擔任作者已有20多年的時間,幫助許多學生完成他們的大學課程和NVQ資格,並成功地開展職業生涯。現在,與新合著者John Dunton一起,新版已完全更新,以反映服務工程行業中最新的技術進展和發展,特別是關於電視和個人電腦的維修和技術。這本新版書籍涵蓋了City & Guilds(6958)的進階獎項的2級和3級要求:電氣和電子維修(消費者/商業電子)- 2級在印刷書中涵蓋,3級材料可供書籍的客戶免費下載。讀者將找到該計劃的核心單元的完整涵蓋範圍,以及選修單元PC技術和無線電和電視系統技術。新版結構使那些將學習提升到3級的學生可以在可下載文件中找到對他們課程至關重要的主題,以及對實際工程實踐至關重要的領域,確保學生將發現這本書作為他們作為服務工程師和技術人員職業生涯的持續參考來源。包含一個映射表格,以說明哪些章節涵蓋了進階獎項課程大綱的具體要求,以便參考。該書還提供了City & Guilds 1687 NVQ 2級和3級的最新課程教材。* 完整涵蓋6958 PA課程大綱的核心單元,以及最受歡迎的選修單元- PC技術和無線電和電視系統技術* 2級材料在印刷書中涵蓋;3級材料可免費下載* 這是一本市場領先的電子維修教材的新版,已經有20多年的時間。