Programming the PIC Microcontroller with MBASIC

Jack Smith

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The Microchip PIC family of microcontrollers is the most popular series of microcontrollers in the world. However, no microcontroller is of any use without software to make it perform useful functions. This comprehensive reference focuses on designing with Microchip’s mid-range PIC line using MBASIC, a powerful but easy to learn programming language. It illustrates MBASIC’s abilities through a series of design examples, beginning with simple PIC-based projects and proceeding through more advanced designs. Unlike other references however, it also covers essential hardware and software design fundamentals of the PIC microcontroller series, including programming in assembly language when needed to supplement the capabilities of MBASIC. Details of hardware/software interfacing to the PIC are also provided.
BENEFIT TO THE READER: This book provides one of the most thorough introductions available to the world’s most popular microcontroller, with numerous hardware and software working design examples which engineers, students and hobbyists can directly apply to their design work and studies. Using MBASIC, it is possible to develop working programs for the PIC in a much shorter time frame than when using assembly language.



Table of Contents:

Author’s Preface
1. Introduction to the PIC
2. Introduction to MBASIC
3. The Basics-Outputs
4. The Basics--Inputs
5. LCD Display
6. Reading the Rotary Encoder
7. LED 7-segment display
8. Introduction to Stepper Motors
9. Serial I/O
10. Interrupts and Timers in MBASIC
11. It’s an Analog World, After All
12. External sensors
13. Assembler 101
14. In-line assembler
15. Interrupt Handling and Timers in Assembler
16. Sine wave synthesis and low frequency DDS
17. Tone decoding
18. External memory interface
19. Advanced Stepper Motors
20. X-10 Interfacing
21. Communicating with a digital potentiometer
22. TV Type IR remote control
23. Controlling AC with a triac and solid state relay
24. DC motor speed control
25. Bar Code Reader
26. A Morse code keyer
27. Morse Code Reader
28. Data Logger
29. User’s Guide Corrections and Bugs
A. Annex A – Parts list
B. Function Index
C. CD-ROM Contents


Microchip PIC系列微控制器是全球最受歡迎的微控制器系列。然而,沒有軟體來使其執行有用的功能,任何微控制器都無法使用。這本全面的參考書專注於使用Microchip的中階PIC系列和易於學習的MBASIC編程語言進行設計。它通過一系列設計示例展示了MBASIC的能力,從簡單的基於PIC的項目開始,逐步進行更高級的設計。與其他參考書不同的是,它還涵蓋了PIC微控制器系列的基本硬體和軟體設計基礎,包括在需要補充MBASIC功能時使用組合語言進行編程。還提供了與PIC的硬體/軟體接口的詳細資訊。


1. PIC介紹
3. 基礎-輸出
4. 基礎-輸入
5. LCD顯示
6. 讀取旋轉編碼器
7. LED 7段顯示器
8. 步進馬達介紹
9. 串行I/O
10. MBASIC中的中斷和計時器
11. 這是一個模擬世界
12. 外部感測器
13. 組合語言101
14. 內嵌組合語言
15. 組合語言中的中斷處理和計時器
16. 正弦波合成和低頻DDS
17. 音調解碼
18. 外部記憶體介面
19. 高級步進馬達
20. X-10介面
21. 與數字電位計通信
22. 電視型紅外遙控器
23. 使用三極管和固態繼電器控制交流
24. 直流馬達速度控制
25. 條碼讀取器
26. 莫爾斯碼鍵
27. 莫爾斯碼讀取器
28. 數據記錄器
29. 用戶指南修正和錯誤
A. 附錄A-零件清單
B. 功能索引