BTEC First ICT Practitioners: Core units and selected specialist units for the BTEC First Certificate and Diploma for ICT Practitioners

Sharon Yull

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BTEC First ICT Practitioners is a key new course book for the 2006 BTEC First ICT Practitioner schemes from Edexcel. Full coverage is given to the core units of the Certificate and Diploma (units 1 and 2) and to selected specialist units:
* Using ICT to Present Information (Unit 1)
* Introduction to Computer Systems (Unit 2)
* Website Development (Unit 4)
* Networking Essentials (Unit 6)
* Database Software (Unit 9)
* Spreadsheet Software (Unit 10)
* ICT Graphics (Unit 18)

The textbook provides a chapter by chapter match to each of these units of the syllabus.

Students of BTEC First ICT programmes will find this text essential reading for the duration of their study - all the core material they will be following throughout their course is included in this book. Each chapter includes numerous illustrations, learning outcome summaries, definitions, learner activities, test your knowledge quiz questions and exercises.

The result is a clear, straightforward and easily accessible text, which encourages independent study and acts as a reference to various topics within the qualification. The choice of specialist units reflects the breadth of Information and Communication Technology, rather than focusing on specific computing areas such as hardware and programming, and puts the emphasis on practical rather than academic units. It provides students with an excellent portfolio of knowledge and skills that will enable them to progress onto higher qualifications, such as the BTEC National, AS and A2, or to suitable employment within the ICT sector.

Sharon Yull is a Senior Lecturer at City College Norwich and a Senior Subject Examiner for Higher Nationals in Computing for Edexcel. Sharon also runs the Training and Education Company, an IT and education consultancy, and has written books for other BTEC IT qualifications.

* Chapter by chapter match to the compulsory core units and selected specialist units of the 2006 BTEC Firsts in ICT for Practitioners
* The specialist units have been chosen with a view to develop practical skills and to reflect the breadth of ICT
* Student-friendly text with numerous illustrations, definitions, activities, quiz questions, and exercises


《BTEC First ICT Practitioners》是Edexcel於2006年推出的BTEC First ICT Practitioner課程的重要教材。該書全面涵蓋了證書和文憑的核心單元(單元1和2),以及選定的專業單元:
* 使用ICT呈現資訊(單元1)
* 電腦系統介紹(單元2)
* 網站開發(單元4)
* 網絡基礎知識(單元6)
* 數據庫軟體(單元9)
* 試算表軟體(單元10)
* ICT圖形(單元18)

該教科書按照課程大綱的每個單元進行章節對應。BTEC First ICT課程的學生將會發現這本教材在他們的學習過程中是必不可少的閱讀材料-所有他們在課程中學習的核心內容都包含在這本書中。每個章節都包含大量插圖、學習成果摘要、定義、學習活動、測試你的知識問答和練習題。

結果是一本清晰、簡單易懂且易於使用的教材,鼓勵獨立學習,並作為資格認證中各個主題的參考。選擇專業單元反映了資訊和通信技術的廣度,而不是專注於特定的計算領域,如硬體和編程,並強調實踐而不是學術單元。它為學生提供了一個出色的知識和技能組合,使他們能夠進一步學習更高的資格,如BTEC National、AS和A2,或在ICT行業中找到合適的就業機會。

Sharon Yull是City College Norwich的高級講師,也是Edexcel計算機高級國家證書的高級科目考官。Sharon還經營著培訓和教育公司,提供IT和教育咨詢服務,並為其他BTEC IT資格編寫了書籍。

* 按照2006年BTEC Firsts in ICT for Practitioners的強制核心單元和選定的專業單元進行章節對應
* 選擇專業單元旨在發展實踐技能並反映ICT的廣度
* 學生友好的教材,包含大量插圖、定義、活動、測驗問題和練習題