Project Management Toolkit: The Basics for Project Success, 2/e

Trish Melton

  • 出版商: Butterworth-Heineman
  • 出版日期: 2007-06-01
  • 定價: $1,700
  • 售價: 1.8$299
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 300
  • ISBN: 0750684402
  • ISBN-13: 9780750684408
  • 相關分類: 專案管理 PM
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This book provides you with the tools required to approach and manage projects. These effective skills will impact positively on the success of both the projects you are involved with and of your organization.

Key features
* A practical handbook for both career project managers and those involved intermittently with projects throughout their career
* Provides simple step-by-step tools for understanding and managing each of the project value-add stages:
- Developing a business case
- Robust planning
- Staying in control
- Delivering benefits
* Focussed on the needs of engineering and other technical project managers, but generic enough to support projects in other areas
* Brief and visually led, the Toolkit is designed to get you up and running fast and to increase the certainty of a positive project outcome from day one
* Comprehensive real world case studies demonstrate the use of tools
* Supported by downloadable online project planning templates that enable the techniques developed in the book to be applied in practice

Project Management Toolkit introduces the whole project life-cycle. It is the first of four project management titles that separately build skills in critical PM areas and together provide a powerful project management resource.

Focussed on the needs of engineering and other technical project managers, this book recognises that most non-routine work completed by an organization is a project
A practical, hands-on guide to aid those tasked with real industry projects not a lengthy theoretical textbook, it gets to the point and delivers REAL benefits
Fully supported by online project planning and delivery tools, templates, workflow organizers and data sheets, the book is suitable for both career project managers and those involved with projects intermittently




- 一本實用手冊,適用於職業專案經理和在職業生涯中間歇性參與專案的人士
- 提供了簡單的逐步工具,用於理解和管理專案增值階段的每個步驟:
- 制定業務案例
- 健全的計劃
- 保持控制
- 提供效益
- 專注於工程和其他技術專案經理的需求,但也具有足夠的通用性,以支持其他領域的專案
- 簡潔且以視覺為主導,這本工具包旨在讓您快速上手,並增加從第一天開始項目成功的確定性
- 全面的實際案例研究展示了工具的使用
- 通過可下載的在線專案計劃模板提供支持,這些模板使書中開發的技術可以實際應用