Further Electrical and Electronic Principles, 3/e

C R Robertson




Further Electrical and Electronic Principles is a core text for pre-degree courses in electrical and electronic engineering courses. The coverage of this new edition has been brought in line with the specialist unit 'Further Electrical Principles' of the 2007 BTEC National Engineering specification from Edexcel. As the book follows a logical topic progression rather than a particular syllabus, it is also suitable for other Level 3 students on vocational courses such as Vocational AS/A Level, City & Guilds courses and NVQs.More advanced material has also been included, making this text also suitable for HNC/HND and foundation degree courses.

Each chapter starts with learning outcomes tied to the syllabus. All theory is explained in detail and backed up with numerous worked examples. Students can test their understanding with end of chapter assignment questions for which answers are provided. The book also includes suggested practical assignments and handy summaries of equations. In this new edition, the layout has been improved and colour has been added to make the book more accessible for students.

The textbook is supported with a free companion website featuring supplementary worked examples and additional chapters.http://books.elsevier.com/companions/9780750687478

* Full coverage of unit 'Further Electrical Principles' of the 2007 BTEC National Engineering specification
* Easy-to-understand, colour text with lots of worked examples that reinforce the theory covered
* Free companion website with additional worked examples and chapters


《Further Electrical and Electronic Principles》是電氣和電子工程預科課程的核心教材。本新版的內容已與愛德思科(Edexcel)的2007年BTEC國家工程課程的專業單元《Further Electrical Principles》保持一致。由於本書按照邏輯主題進行,而不是特定的教學大綱,因此也適用於其他職業課程的三級學生,如職業AS/A Level、City & Guilds課程和NVQs。本書還包含了更高級的材料,使其也適用於HNC/HND和基礎學位課程。



* 全面涵蓋2007年BTEC國家工程課程的《Further Electrical Principles》單元
* 易於理解的彩色文本,有很多實例加強所講授的理論
* 免費的伴侶網站,提供額外的實例和章節