Applied Data Structures with C++

Peter Smith




Designed for use in either a one- or two-semester advanced data structures course, Applied Data Structures with C++ covers all of the fundamental structures and data types and features implementations presented in C++. Using clear explanations and efficient examples, the book presents a comprehensive overview of main memory and file-based structures, with an emphasis on files and persistent structures. Additional coverage of object-oriented design, persistence, recursion, and databases as large-scale file structures supplements the standard approach to fundamental topics. Material can be adapted flexibly according to the focus or length of the course, with suggestions for use in one- and two-semester formats from the author.



Table of Contents:


Part One: Transient Objects

Chapter 1. Programming with objects

Chapter 2. Lists and Strings

Chapter 3. Sets

Chapter 4. Stacks and Queues
Chapter 5. Maps: Hash Tables

Chapter 6. Maps: Binary Trees, Tries and Ternary Trees
Chapter 7. Graphs

Part Two: Persistent Objects

Chapter 8. Hardware Foundations of Persistent Objects

Chapter 9. Files and Objects

Chapter 10. Sorting

Chapter 11. Maps: Hash Files

Chapter 12. Maps: File-based Trees

Chapter 13. Multimaps: Secondary Key Retrievals

Chapter 14. Epilogue

Appendix 1. Random Numbers and Data Generation
Appendix 2. Data Normalization
Appendix 3. Test of File Object