Wireless Application Protocol Programming

Hamad Rashid

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Contributors Include: Jim Chandler, Jacob Grass, Kevin Grossnicklaus, Uday Kranti, NIIT, Rob Teixeira, and Yancey Jones.

Visual Basic .NET Bible covers everything you need to get up and runningwith this much changed version of Visual Basic and to begin creating applications for the new Microsoft.NET Platform.

Table of Contents



PART I: Introduction.

Chapter 1: Introduction to .NET.

Chapter 2: VB6 and VB .NET Differences.

PART II: The VB .NET Programming Language.

Chapter 3: Object-Oriented Programming and VB .NET.

Chapter 4: Hello World.

Chapter 5: Data Types, Variables, and Operators.

Chapter 6: Arrays.

Chapter 7: Conditional Logic.

Chapter 8: Procedures.

Chapter 9: Dialog Boxes.

Chapter 10: File IO and System Objects.

Chapter 11: Dictionary Object.

Chapter 12: Error Handling.

Chapter 13: Namespaces.

Chapter 14: Classes and Objects.

Chapter 15: Multithreading.

Chapter 16: COM Interop and MSMQ.

PART III: Visual Studio .NET: The IDE for VB .NET.

Chapter 17: Visual Basic .NET IDE.

Chapter 18: Compiling and Debugging.

Chapter 19: Customizing.

Chapter 20: Source Control.

PART IV: Data Access.

Chapter 21: Introduction to Data Access in .NET.

Chapter 22: ADO.NET.

Chapter 23: Data Access in Visual Studio .NET.

Chapter 24: Introduction to XML in .NET.

PART V: Windows Forms.

Chapter 25: Introduction to System.Windows.Forms.

Chapter 26: Controls.

Chapter 27: Specific Controls.

Chapter 28: "Visual: Inheritance.

Chapter 29: Irregular Forms.

Chapter 30: Other Namespaces and Objects in the Catalog.

PART VI: VB .NET and the Web.

Chapter 31: Introduction to Web Development.

Chapter 32: Introduction to ASP.NET.

Chapter 33: Page Framework.

Chapter 34: HTML Server Controls.

Chapter 35: Web Controls.

Chapter 36: Validation Controls.

Chapter 37: User Controls.

Chapter 38: Events.

Chapter 39: Cascading Style Sheets.

Chapter 40: State Management.

Chapter 41: ASP.NET Applications.

Chapter 42: Tracing.

Chapter 43: Security.

PART VII: Web Services.

Chapter 44: Introduction to Web Services.

Chapter 45: Web Services Infrastructure.

Chapter 46: SOAP.

Chapter 47: Building a Web Service.

Chapter 48: Deploying and Publishing Web Services.

Chapter 49: Finding Web Services.

Chapter 50: Consuming Web Services.

Appendix A: Globalization.

Globalizing Applications.


Resource Files.

CultureInfo Class.

ResourceManager Class.

Windows Forms Designer Globalization.

Appendix B: VB6 Upgrade Wizard.

Why You Should Not Upgrade.

The Upgrade Wizard.