Professional Palm OS Programming

Lonnon R. Foster, Glenn Bachmann

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  • 出版日期: 2005-04-22
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Professional Palm OS Programming is everything programmers need to create applications for the world’s most popular operating system for handheld devices.

Veteran Palm developer Lonnon Foster, who has been developing commercial applications for the platform since its introduction nearly a decade ago, provides readers with hands-on instruction, lots of code, and advice that only comes from the trenches – giving readers everything they need to build cutting edge applications and take advantage of the features of both Garnet and Cobalt.  Coverage includes:

  • Building forms, menus and user interfaces
  • Managing memory
  • Tying into Palm’s standard applications such as the Calendar, Phonebook, or Tasks
  • Storing program data on removable storage cards
  • Building network enabled applications
  • Creating web applications for Palm
  • Working with Palm OS new support for Web Services
  •   Programm ing for new device features such as jog dials, rocker switches, 5-way navigators
  • Working with sounds, graphics, multimedia, and new high-resolution color screens
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wireless networking

and more…


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Palm OS Success Story.

Chapter 2: Understanding the Palm OS.

Chapter 3: Introducing the Development Tools.

Chapter 4: Writing Your First Palm OS Application.

Chapter 5: Debugging Your Program.

Chapter 6: Creating and Understanding Resources.

Chapter 7: Building Forms and Menus.

Chapter 8: Programming User Interface Elements.

Chapter 9: Managing Memory.

Chapter 10: Programming System Elements.

Chapter 11: Programming Graphics.

Chapter 12: Programming Multimedia.

Chapter 13: Programming Alarms and Time.

Chapter 14: Programming Tables.

Chapter 15: Storing and Retrieving Data.

Chapter 16: Manipulating Records.

Chapter 17: Using Secondary Storage.

Chapter 18: Sharing Data Through the Exchange Manager.

Chapter 19: Using the Serial Port.

Chapter 20: Communicating Over a Network.

Chapter 21: Learning Conduit Basics.

Chapter 22: Building Conduits.

Chapter 23: Programming Navigation Hardware.

Chapter 24: Odds and Ends.




專業的Palm OS程式設計是程式設計師為全球最受歡迎的手持設備操作系統創建應用程序所需的一切。資深的Palm開發人員Lonnon Foster自將近十年前該平台推出以來一直在開發商業應用程序,為讀者提供了實踐指導、大量代碼和只有從實踐中獲得的建議,讓讀者擁有構建尖端應用程序並充分利用Garnet和Cobalt功能的一切。內容包括:
- 構建表單、菜單和用戶界面
- 管理內存
- 與Palm的標準應用程序(如日曆、電話簿或任務)集成
- 在可移動存儲卡上存儲程序數據
- 構建網絡應用程序
- 為Palm創建Web應用程序
- 使用Palm OS對Web服務的新支持
- 為新設備功能(如旋轉開關、搖杆開關、5向導航器)編程
- 使用聲音、圖形、多媒體和新的高分辨率彩色屏幕
- 加密和解密數據
- Wi-Fi、藍牙和無線網絡等等。

- 引言
- 第1章:Palm OS的成功故事
- 第2章:了解Palm OS
- 第3章:介紹開發工具
- 第4章:編寫第一個Palm OS應用程序
- 第5章:調試程序
- 第6章:創建和理解資源
- 第7章:構建表單和菜單
- 第8章:編程用戶界面元素
- 第9章:管理內存
- 第10章:編程系統元素
- 第11章:編程圖形
- 第12章:編程多媒體
- 第13章:編程鬧鐘和時間
- 第14章:編程表格
- 第15章:存儲和檢索數據
- 第16章:操作記錄
- 第17章:使用二級存儲
- 第18章:通過交換管理器共享數據
- 第19章:使用串口
- 第20章:通過網絡通信。