Inside ArcView GIS 8.3

Scott Hutchinson

  • 出版商: OnWord Press
  • 出版日期: 2003-10-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 512
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0766834751
  • ISBN-13: 9780766834750
  • 相關分類: 地理資訊系統 Gis
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Inside ArcView GIS 8.3 functions as a detailed description of the software's functionality and as a comprehensive, self-paced tutorial. An essential how-to manual for the novice and indispensable desk-side reference for the experienced user, this edition begins by establishing the conceptual foundation necessary to use all GIS applications efficiently and effectively. Initial chapters focus on mastering the basics of using ArcView GIS 8.3 "out of the box" for querying, thematic classification, and map composition. With these skills, subsequent chapters lead readers to more advanced expertise, such as editing data, extending data using relational databases, performing spatial analysis (including buffering and overlays), and advanced map composition. Throughout the book, the author's unbiased perspective ensures that readers gain first-hand insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their ArcView GIS 8.3 software, as well as knowledge of workarounds and third-party solutions available to enhance their productivity.

Table of Contents

GIS Basics.How it works.Spatial components of data / spatial relationships.Raster/vector. Whirlwind Tour.Solving a typical spatial problem, using your available tools.ArcView Basics - the ArcView Interface. Getting Data into ArcView.Available data - browsing and loading (ArcCatalog basics).Data sources. Map Basics - display and symbolization. Attribute Basics - querying data. Thematic Classification.Exploring your data.Working with Tables.Including editing / creating tables.Extending Tables. Joins, summary tables. Charts. Graphics and Map Symbolization.Map Layouts / Map Composition.Spatial Analysis.Establishing spatial relationships between features. Editing Spatial Data. Heads-up digitizing. GPS data.Metadata.Transforming / Projecting Data.Advanced Functionality. Analysis, classification, symbolization; DBMS connectivity.Working with the Geodatabase. Geocoding and Networks.Customizing ArcView with VBA.Extending ArcView.Incl. the ESRI Extensions. ArcPad. ArcView and ArcInfo Desktop - how it all fits.Optimizing Project Design.Looking Ahead.Putting it All Together - ArcView in the Real World




《Inside ArcView GIS 8.3》既是軟體功能的詳細描述,也是一本全面的自學教程。對於初學者來說,這是一本必備的操作手冊;對於有經驗的用戶來說,這是一本不可或缺的桌邊參考書。本版首先建立了使用所有GIS應用程序的概念基礎,以便高效且有效地使用。最初的章節專注於掌握使用ArcView GIS 8.3的基礎功能,包括查詢、主題分類和地圖組合。通過這些技能,後續章節將引導讀者獲得更高級的專業知識,例如編輯數據、使用關聯數據庫擴展數據、執行空間分析(包括緩衝和覆蓋)以及高級地圖組合。在整本書中,作者的客觀觀點確保讀者第一手瞭解他們的ArcView GIS 8.3軟體的優點和缺點,以及提高生產力的解決方案和第三方解決方案。


GIS基礎知識。工作原理。數據的空間組件/空間關係。栅格/矢量。快速導覽。使用現有工具解決典型的空間問題。ArcView基礎知識- ArcView界面。將數據輸入ArcView。可用數據-瀏覽和加載(ArcCatalog基礎知識)。數據來源。地圖基礎知識-顯示和符號化。屬性基礎知識-查詢數據。主題分類。探索數據。處理表格。包括編輯/創建表格。擴展表格。連接、摘要表格。圖表。圖形和地圖符號化。地圖佈局/地圖組合。空間分析。建立要素之間的空間關係。編輯空間數據。頭部數字化。GPS數據。元數據。轉換/投影數據。高級功能。分析、分類、符號化;與DBMS連接。使用地理數據庫。地理編碼和網絡。使用VBA自定義ArcView。擴展ArcView。包括ESRI擴展。ArcPad。ArcView和ArcInfo桌面-如何結合使用。優化項目設計。展望未來。將ArcView應用於現實世界中。