Mathematical Foundations For Electromagnetic Theory

Donald G. Dudley




Electrical Engineering/Electromagnetics Mathematical Foundations for Electromagnetic Theory A volume in the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Donald G. Dudley, Series Editor This volume in the series lays the mathematical foundations for the study of advanced topics in electromagnetic theory. Important subjects covered include linear spaces, Green’s functions, spectral expansions, electromagnetic source representations, and electromagnetic boundary value problems. You will find these key features:

  • Introduction to modern linear analysis and linear operators
  • Solution to Sturm-Liouville problems using Green’s functions and spectral expansions
  • Natural transforms and series expansions specific to a wide range of differential operators and associated boundary conditions
  • Useful alternative representations for canonical electromagnetic sources
  • Applications to electromagnetic boundary value problems

This book will be of interest to graduate-level students in engineering, electromagnetics, physics, and applied mathematics, as well as to research engineers, physicists, and scientists. Also in the series… Radiation and Scattering of Waves An IEEE Press Classic Reissue Leopold B. Felsen and Nathan Marcuvitz 1994 Hardcover 928 pp Dyadic Green Functions in Electromagnetic Theory Second Edition Chen- To Tai, University of Michigan 1994 Hardcover 360 pp Field Theory of Guided Waves Second Edition Robert E. Collin, Case Western Reserve University 1991 Hardcover 864 pp About the series Formerly the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves, this new joint series between IEEE Press and Oxford University Press offers even better coverage of the field with new titles as well as reprintings and revisions of recognized classics that maintain long-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves and applications. Designed specifically for graduate students, practicing engineers, and researchers, this series provides affordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves and applications beyond the undergraduate level.


Table of Contents:


Linear Analysis.

The Green's Function Method.

The Spectral Representation Method.

Electromagnetic Sources.

Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problems.




《電機工程/電磁學:電磁理論的數學基礎》是IEEE/OUP系列中的一本書,由Donald G. Dudley擔任系列編輯。這本書奠定了電磁理論高級主題研究的數學基礎。重要的主題包括線性空間、格林函數、頻譜展開、電磁源表示和電磁邊界值問題。以下是這本書的主要特點:

  • 介紹現代線性分析和線性算子

  • 使用格林函數和頻譜展開解決Sturm-Liouville問題

  • 特定於各種微分算子和相關邊界條件的自然變換和級數展開

  • 用於規範電磁源的有用替代表示

  • 應用於電磁邊界值問題

這本書對工程、電磁學、物理和應用數學的研究生學生以及研究工程師、物理學家和科學家都很有價值。同系列的其他書籍還包括:《波的輻射和散射》(IEEE Press經典重印版,Leopold B. Felsen和Nathan Marcuvitz著,1994年,硬皮書,928頁)、《電磁理論中的雙矢格林函數》(第二版,Chen-To Tai著,密歇根大學,1994年,硬皮書,360頁)、《導波場理論》(第二版,Robert E. Collin著,Case Western Reserve University,1991年,硬皮書,864頁)。這個系列書籍以前是IEEE Press的《電磁波系列》,現在與牛津大學出版社合作,提供更好的領域覆蓋範圍,包括新書以及經典著作的重印和修訂,這些著作在電磁波和應用領域具有長期的存檔重要性。這個系列專為研究生、實踐工程師和研究人員設計,提供了超出本科水平的負擔得起的書籍,探索電磁波和應用。