Finite Element Method For Electromagnetics: Antennas, Microwave Circuits, And Scattering Applications

John L. Volakis, Arindam Chatterjee, Leo C. Kempel



Electrical Engineering Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics Antennas, Microwave Circuits, and Scattering Applications A volume in the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Donald G. Dudley, Series Editor Employed in a large number of commercial electromagnetic simulation packages, the finite element method is one of the most popular and well-established numerical techniques in engineering. This book covers the theory, development, implementation, and application of the finite element method and its hybrid versions to electromagnetics. Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics begins with a step-by-step presentation of the finite element method and its variations, and then provides up-to-date coverage of three-dimensional formulations and modern applications to open- and closed-domain problems. Topics covered include:

  • Galerkin’s and Ritz methods
  • One- and two-dimensional theory and applications
  • Three-dimensional development of the method using edge elements and applications
  • Mesh truncation schemes
  • Matlab sample codes
  • Efficient implementation of the finite element method, sparse matrix storage schemes, popular iterative solvers, eigenvalue solutions
  • Experiences on code porting to parallel computers

Integral algorithms for fast implementation of the boundary integral matrix-vector products. Written by experts who have extensive experience in both teaching and implementing this method to many applications, Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics a can be used as a textbook for first-year graduate students, as well as a handy reference for engineers and scientists interested in computational electromagnetics. About the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory Formerly the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves, this joint series between IEEE Press and Oxford University Press offers outstanding coverage of the field, with new titles as well as reprintings and revisions of recognized classics that maintain long-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves and applications. Designed specifically for graduate students, practicing engineers, and researchers, this series provides affordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves and applications beyond the undergraduate level.


Table of Contents:



Fundamental Concepts.

Shape Functions for Scalar and Vector Finite Elements.

Overview of the Finite Element Method: One-Dimensional Examples.

Two-Dimensional Applications.

Three-Dimensional Problems: Closed Domain.

Three-Dimensional Problems: Radiation and Scattering.

Three-Dimensional FE-BI Method.

Fast Integral Methods (S. Bindiganavale and J.L. Volakis).

Numerical Issues.


About the Authors.