High-performance Vlsi Signal Processing Innovative Architectures And Algorithms, Volume 1: Algorithms And Architectures (a Selected Reprint Volume)




Electrical Engineering/Signal Processing High—Performance VLSI Signal Processing Innovative Architectures and Algorithms Volume 1 Algorithms and Architectures The first volume in a two-volume set, High-Performance VLSI Signal Processing: Innovative Architectures and Algorithms brings together the most innovative papers in the field, focused introductory material, and extensive references. The editors present timely coverage of algorithm and design methodologies with an emphasis on today’s rapidly-evolving high-speed architectures for VLSI implementations. These volumes will serve as vital resources for engineers who want a comprehensive knowledge of the extremely interdisciplinary field of high-performance VLSI processing. The editors provide a practical understanding of the merits of total system design through an insightful, synergistic presentation of methodology, architecture, and infrastructure. Each volume features:

  • Major papers that span the wide range of research areas in the field
  • Chapter introductions, including historical perspectives
  • Numerous applications-oriented design examples
  • Coverage of current and future technological trends
  • Thorough treatment of high-speed architectures


Table of Contents:


Array Processors and Mapping.

Transformations and Design Techniques.

Computer-Aided Design.

System Architecture and Implementation.

Fault Tolerance in VLSI Signal Processing.