Planning Telecommunication Networks

Thomas G. Robertazzi

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Electrical Engineering Planning Telecommunication Networks The ever-growing number of new telecommunications technologies, along with the rapid growth of data networks and cable television systems has created a demand for sound network planning. In one concise volume, this book offers telecommunications professionals and graduate students an introduction to the theory underlying the interdisciplinary field of network planning, a critical aspect of network management that integrates planning telecommunications and data networks. In planning Telecommunication Networks you will learn about the mathematical theory behind network planning, including an accessible treatment of linear programming and graph algorithms. Other featured topics cover:

  • Reliability theory for network planning
  • Recent software advances in databases, expert systems, object-oriented programming, data mining, and data visualization
  • Latest developments in new optimization techniques such as tabu research, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and neural networks

Complete with homework problems, this text offers you a broad overview of network planning to begin your exploration of this emerging field.


Table of Contents:



The Network Planning Problem.

Mathematical Programming for Planning.

Network Algorithms For Planning.

Reliability Theory For Planning.

Software and Optimization For Planning.

Data Analysis For Planning.



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