Review Of Radio Science 1996-1999 (includes A 'collected References' Cd-rom) (first Published For The Intern'l Union Of Radio Science By Oup, 1999)


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The purpose of this book is to further communication and understanding of the status and future of radio science, both for those working in the field, and for those who want to know what is of current importance in this area. The International Union of Radio Science, URSI (Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale), has divided the subject of "Radio Science" according to the ten topics of the Commissions that make up URSI:

  • Electromagnetic metrology
  • Fields and waves
  • Signals and systems
  • Electronics and photonics
  • Radio astronomy
  • Electromagnetic noise and interference
  • Wave propagation and remote sensing
  • Ionospheric radio and propagation
  • Waves in plasmas
  • Electromagnetics in biology & medicine

This book consists of 37 original, peer-reviewed papers. The topics, authors, and reviewers were selected by the URSI Commissions. Each paper provides a critical, in-depth review of and, in many cases, tutorial on advances and research that have been of significant importance within the area of interest of the Commissions during the past three to four years. Among the 37 topics covered are the following:

  • Two-way satellite time and frequency transfer
  • Handset antennas for mobile communications
  • Wireless ATM networks
  • Ultra-high-bit-rate optical-communication systems
  • Modeling techniques for EMC analysis
  • Mobile, terrestrial, and satellite propagation modeling
  • GPS and the ionosphere
  • Radio-frequency sounders in space
  • The early radio universe
  • Exposure assessment for handheld mobile communications devices

A "Collected References" CD-ROM is an integral part of this book, intended to permit a reader to install the bibliographic database on a personal computer or workstation, so that it can be searched as needed. Independently of the papers in the book, the CD-ROM contains key references on the topics each Commission has deemed to be most significant during the triennium. The full titles are included in the references, and they are augmented by keywords including the country of origin for the work, to facilitate searching for the most important references on a particular topic.


Table of Contents:


The "Collected References" CD-ROM.

The International Union of Radio Science.

Commission A: Electromagnetic Metrology (M. D'Amore).

Broadband Electromagnetic-Field Sensors with Optoelectronic Links (K. Masterson, et al.).

Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (TWSTFT): Principle, Implementation, and Current Performance (D. Kirchner).

A Study of the Influence of AC-Mains Impedance and Frequency-Domain EMI Evaluation Methods on EMI Measurements (S. Nitta & A. Mutoh).

Commission B: Fields and Waves (Y. Rahmat-Samii).

Design and Practice of Reflector Antennas and Feed Systems in the 1990s (T. Bird & G. James).

Handset Antennas for Mobile Communications: Integration, Diversity, and Performance (G. Pedersen & J. Andersen).

An Introduction to the Use of Model-Parameter Estimation in Electromagnetics (E. Miller & T. Sarkar).

Commission C: Signals and Systems (E. Bonek).

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) (J. van de Beek, et al.).

Wireless ATM Networks: A Technology Overview (D. Raychaudhuri).

Intelligent Antennas for Cellular Systems (J. Thompson, et al.).

Commission D: Electronics and Photonics (A. Seeds).

Limits on the Performance of Analog Optical Links (C. Cox III & E. Ackerman).

Ultra-High-Bit Rate Optical-Communication Systems (S. Kawanishi).

Towards Terahertz Semiconductor Technology (C. Snowden).

Commission E: Electromegnetic Noise and Interference (R. Gardner).

Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (R. Gardner, et al.).

Modeling Techniques for EMC Analysis (F. Tesche).

Methods of High-Power Electromagnetics (R. Gardner).

Review of Impulse-Radiating Antennas (C. Baum, et al.).

Commission F: Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing (Y. Furuhama).

Mobile, Terrestrial, and Satellite Propagation Modeling (Y. Karasawa & F. Perez-Fontan).

Climatic Parameters in Propagation Prediction (T. Tjelta & J. Baptista).

Remote and In-Situ Sensing of Clouds and Measurements of Their Transmission Properties (A. Illingworth & P. Watson).

Space-Borne Remote Sensing of Precipitation from TRMM (C. Kummerow & K. Okamoto).

Remote Sensing of the Earth's Surfaces (M. Hallikainen & B. Arbesser-Rastburg).

Radar Interferometry (J. van Zyl & J. Hjelmstad).

Commission G: Ionospheric Radio and Propagation (C. Hanuise).

Recent Scientific Advances in Geospace Research Using Coherent- and Incoherent-Scatter Radars (A. Rodger).

Ionospheric Tomography (R. Leitinger).

GPS and Ionosphere (A. Mannucci, et al.).

Commission H: Waves in Plasmas (H. James).

Nonlinear Plasma Processes Studied by Electromagnetic HF Pumping of the Ionospheric F Region (T. Leyser, et al.).

Theory and Simulations of Nonlinear Kinetic Processes in Space Plasmas (Y. Omura, et al.).

Radio-Frequency Sounders in Space (S. Pulinets & R. Benson).

Wave Interactions with Geomagnetically Trapped Electrons (M. Walt).

Commission J: Radio Astronomy (R. Strom).

Interference: The Limits of Radio Astronomy (H. Kahlmann).

Correcting Atmospheric Phase Fluctuations by Means of Water-Vapor Radiometry (W. Welch).

The Early Radio Universe (A. Jones & A. Lasenby).

Commission K: Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine (S. Ueno).

Cell and Molecular Biology Associated with Radiation Fields of Mobile Telephones (W. Adey).

Review of Exposure Assessment for Handheld Mobile Communications Devices and Antenna Studies for Optimized Performance (M. Burkhardt & N. Kuster).

Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Measurements (T. Katila & R. Ilmoniemi).

Medical Applications of Static and Low-Frequency Pulsed Magnetic Fields (S. Ueno).

Biomedical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields and Waves: Radio Frequencies and Microwaves (J. Lin).