Photoshop CS2 Workflow : The Digital Photographer's Guide (Paperback)

Tim Grey

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  • 出版日期: 2005-05-27
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  • ISBN: 0782143962
  • ISBN-13: 9780782143966
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"The real strength of this book is in how it will help any photographer establish a workflow that is simple and doesn’t become a distraction."
—Christopher Robinson, Editor, Digital Photo Pro

If you're like most artists, the concept of planning and structuring your work may sound limiting and inhibiting. You'll be surprised to learn that quite the opposite is true—a proper workflow can free you from the monotonous aspects of your work and let you exercise your imagination.

Digital imaging expert Tim Grey is the first to present a guiding process for you to follow and fine-tune as you optimize your images in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. In Photoshop Workflow, you'll discover a natural flow for adjusting images; you’ll learn how to perform techniques that make your images as striking as they can be while reducing cost in time and effort. Covering the full spectrum of adjustments, this book is suitable for all levels of digital photographers who strive to maximize image quality.

Inside, you'll find the principles of a good foundation and figure out how to do the following:

  • Prioritize an image-optimization workflow
  • Download, sort, and organize digital images on your computer
  • Process RAW captures to retain maximum detail
  • Crop and rotate images
  • Adjust tone and color by using basic to advanced options
  • Repair flaws in your images
  • Create selections by using basic to advanced methods
  • Apply targeted and creative adjustments
  • Save your files safely and logically
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Prepare your images for final output
  • And more!


Table of Contents:


Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Workflow Foundations
The Importance of Workflow
Establishing a Workflow
Revising Your Workflow
A Workflow That Works

Chapter 2: Download and Sort
Safe Downloading
Sorting Images in Bridge
Reviewing Images for Evaluation
Printing Contact Sheets
Ready to Work

Chapter 3: RAW Conversion
Benefits of RAW
Converting with Camera Raw
Batch Conversion in Camera RAW
Archiving RAW Captures

Part II: Basic Adjustments
Chapter 4: Rotate and Crop
Basic Rotation
Basic Cropping
Arbitrary Rotation
Right-Side Up

Chapter 5: Basic Tone and Color
Interface Tools for Evaluation
Prioritizing Adjustments
Tonal Adjustments
Color Adjustments
Basically Done

Chapter 6: Image Cleanup
Cleanup Workflow
Clone Stamp
Healing Brush
Spot Healing Brush
Patch Tool
A Clean Image

Part III: Advanced Adjustments
Chapter 7: Advanced Tonal Adjustments
Dodge and Burn
Fine-Tuned Tonality

Chapter 8: Advanced Color Adjustments
Curves for ColorSelective Color
Color Casts
Targeted Color Painting
Targeted Saturation Painting
Ready to Get Selective

Chapter 9: Making Selections
Understanding the Selection Tools
Making Advanced Selections
Modifying Selections
Saving and Loading Selections
Putting Selections to Use

Chapter 10: Targeted Adjustments
Introduction to Masking
Adjustment Layer Masking
Layer Groups
Hitting Your Target

Chapter 11: Creative Adjustments
Getting Creative
Grayscale Conversion
High Pass Sharpening
Just the Beginning

Part IV: Finishing the Workflow
Chapter 12: Saving Files
Master Image Concept
Filenames, Locations, and Formats
Safely Saved

Chapter 13: Workflow Automation
Batch Processing
Efficiency Achieved

Chapter 14: Output Processing
Output Workflow
Preserve the Master Image
Process a Working Copy
Save a Copy
Workflow Complete!

Appendix: Sample Workflow Checklist
Initial Image Preparation
Basic Optimization
Advanced Adjustments
Workflow Wrap-Up