Special Edition Using Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS (Paperback)

Peter Bauer

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"The Adobe Creative Suite combines Photoshop and Illustrator into a fluid, cohesive graphics engine with mor epower and flexibility than ever before. As a result, it's critical that designers make the shift from thinking about them as stand-alone products and develop and intuitive understanding of how the two applications complement each other. Peter Bauer has done a stellar job of presenting Photoshop and Illustrator in this very context, teaching what's new in each application, as well as how the two programs work together. Pete's experience as a detail-oriented teacher and a great communicator comes through loud and clear...This book gets it done." -Daniel Giordan, Design Director, AOL Web Properties

Peter Bauer and his team of Adobe graphics experts have crafted this book to grow with you as you develop your skills.

It provides an introduction to Photoshop and Illustrator as well as the kind of in-depth information that you'll need as you move toward mastery of more advanced techniques. If you buy only one book on Photoshop and Illustrator, this is the one that will help you both today and tomorrow.

  • Pack the power of the Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS in your arsenal of creativity tools.
  • Master Photoshop's improved filters, editing tools, and integrated Camera RAW plug-in.
  • Expand your creativity with Illustrator's new styles, templates, and filters.
  • Keep your projects on-time and on-track from start to finish wiht the new Version Cue project management software.
  • Take advantage of digital video support features in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Swap files between Photoshop and Illustrator, and use suite-wide color management.

On the CD-ROM:

  • Over 100 color images from the book's examples.
  • Bonus chapters covering advanced techniques.
  • Demo versions of powerful Photoshop and Illustrator plug-ins and tools.

Table of Contents:


Who Should Read This Book? Why You Should Use the Adobe Creative Suite. Windows and Macintosh. How This Book Is Organized.


1. The Adobe Creative Suite with Version Cue.

The Suite Concept. An Introduction to Version Cue. Enabling Version Cue. Accessing Version Cue Features in the Creative Suite Programs. Top New Features in the Creative Suite Programs. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

2. Choosing Hardware and Setting Up Your Software.

The Adobe Creative Suite: Minimum Requirements. Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts: Efficiency at Hand. Setting Photoshops Preferences. Setting ImageReadys Preferences. Setting Illustrators Preferences. Quick Fix—Replacing the Preferences. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

3. Understanding and Choosing File Formats.

Choosing a File Format. The Final Destinations. Photoshops File Formats. Illustrators File Formats. File Formats for InDesign. GoLive and File Formats. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

4. Pixels, Vectors, and Resolutions.

Defining Raster and Vector Artwork. Vectors in Photoshop. Rasterizing Objects in Illustrator. Image Resolution. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

5. Color, in Theory and in Practice.

Artwork, Imagery, and Color. The Two Types of Color. RGB, CMYK, and Spot Colors. Photoshops Other Color Modes and Models. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.

6. Color Management in the Adobe Creative Suite.

What Is Color Management? Setting Up Your System for Color Management. Color Management in Photoshop. Color Settings in the Other Creative Suite Applications. Mastering Photoshop.

7. Working Smarter with Scripting and Actions.

Scripting the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshops Actions. Working with Actions in Photoshop. Creating Custom Actions in Photoshop. Photoshops Automate Commands. ImageReadys Conditional Actions. Actions in Illustrator. Illustrators Custom Actions. Mastering the Adobe Creative Suite.


8. Bringing Images into Photoshop.

Digital Camera Basics. Common Problems with Digital Camera Images. From Camera to Photoshop. Photoshops Improved File Browser. Scanners: Hardware Basics. Scanning Images into Photoshop. Stock Photography and Other Existing Artwork. Mastering Photoshop.

9. Making Selections and Creating Masks.

Selections and Masks: Telling Photoshop Where to Work. The Selection Tools. Selection Commands. Alpha Channels and Masks. Layer Masks, Vector Masks, and Clipping Masks. Mastering Photoshop.

10. Working with Layers and Layer Styles

Working with Layers. Layers Palette Overview. Photoshop at Work: Creating Clipping Masks. Layer Blending Modes, Opacity, and Transparency. Organizing Layers with Layer Sets. Photoshops Specialty Layers. Photoshop at Work: Transforming Layers. Using Layer Styles. Using Layer Comps. Mastering Photoshop.

11. The Pen Tool and Shape Layers: Vectors in Photoshop.

Photoshops Paths. Creating Paths in Photoshop. Photoshops Shape Layers. Clipping Paths and Vector Masks. Mastering Photoshop.

12. Adding Text: Photoshops Type Capabilities.

Photoshops Type Capability. The Type Tools. The Type Palettes and Commands. Spell Check and Find/Replace. Fonts and Font Embedding. Mastering Photoshop.

13. Photoshops Painting Tools and Brushes.

Painting in Photoshop. The Brushes Palette. Brush Settings, Pane by Pane. Defining Custom Brushes and Brush Sets. Mastering Photoshop.

14. Selecting and Applying Filters.

Working with Filters. Using the Filter Gallery. Additional Filter Effects. Mastering Photoshop.

15. Image Cropping, Resizing, and Sharpening.

A Few Notes on Image Composition. Cropping to Improve Composition. Resizing Canvases and Images. The Science of Sharpening. Photoshop at Work: Using the Blur Filter to Sharpen Images. Mastering Photoshop.


16. Channels: The Ultimate Creative Control.

The Three Types of Channels. The Channels and Histogram Palettes. Working with Channels. Advanced Channel Manipulation. Mastering Photoshop.

17. Manipulating Color and Tonality.

Color Adjustment Theory. Evaluating Images. Adjusting Tonality. Color Adjustment and Effects Commands. Mastering Photoshop.

18. Mastering the Blending Modes.

Understanding Blending Modes. Working with Blending Modes. Blending Modes, One by One. Mastering Photoshop.

19. Repairing and Enhancing Images with the Production Filters.

Sharpen Filters. Blur Filters. Noise Filters. Video Filters. Other Filters. Using the Extract Filter. Working with the Pattern Maker. Mastering Photoshop.

20. Adding Special Effects with the Filter Gallery and the Creative Filters.

The Filter Gallery Revisited. Additional Creative Filters: Pixelate, Render, and Stylize. The Liquify Command. Mastering Photoshop.

21. Preparing for Print.

Process Printing. Terms and Concepts. The Basics of Printing. Color Issues. Service Bureaus, Print Brokers, and Printers. Mastering Photoshop.


22. Save for Web and Image Optimization.

Graphics on the Web: Overview. Photoshops Save for Web. Optimizing in ImageReady. File Format Optimization Settings. Working with the Color Table. Photoshop at Work: Optimizing a Color Table. Editing Output Settings. Photoshop at Work: How to Optimize Files with Alpha Masks. Mastering ImageReady.

23. Creating Rollovers and Adding Animation.

ImageReadys Rollovers and Animations: Overview. Creating Rollovers. ImageReadys Animation-Creation Capability. Animations and ImageReadys Export Command. Mastering ImageReady.


24. Creating and Editing Paths.

Paths and Vector Art. How Anchor Points Shape Paths. The Pen Tools. Editing Paths. Using the Paintbrush and Pencil Tools. Additional Path-Related Tools. Illustrators Auto Trace Tool. Mastering Illustrator.

25. Working with the Shape, Drawing, and Graph Tools.

Illustrators Object Creation Tools. The Basic Object Creation Tools. The Complex Object Creation Tools. Selection Tools and Commands. Illustrators Select Menu. Compound Shapes and the Pathfinder Palette. Graphs in Illustrator. Mastering Illustrator.

26. Working with the Four Types of Brushes.

Working with Brushes. Creating and Modifying Brushes. Mastering Illustrator.

27. Type and Text in Illustrator.

Understanding, Adding, and Fixing Fonts. Illustrators Type Tools. The Palettes. Type-Related Menu Commands. Customizing Text Containers. Type Outlines and Attributes. Mastering Illustrator.

28. Transforming and Distorting Objects.

Transformations and Distortions in Illustrator. The Basics of Transforming. The Transformations. Envelope Distortions. Illustrators Liquify Tools. Mastering Illustrator.

29. Creating Blends.

Creating Blends. Examining the Blend Options. Adjusting Blend Paths. Expanding a Blend. Mastering Illustrator.

30. Illustrators Layers, Sublayers, and Groups.

Why Layers? The Layers Palette. Organizing with Layers. Designating Layers as Templates. Targeting Layers, Groups, and Objects. Special Utilization of Layers. Mastering Illustrator.

31. Defining and Applying Patterns.

General Rules Governing Patterns. Fill Patterns. Brush Patterns. Mastering Illustrator.

32. Using the Appearance and Style Palettes.

Appearances and Graphic Styles. The Appearance Palette. The Appearance Palette Menu. The Graphic Styles Palette. Graphic Styles Libraries. Mastering Illustrator.

33. Working with Gradients and Gradient Meshes.

Working with Gradients. Gradient Meshes. Mastering Illustrator.

34. Using Masks, Transparency, and Blending Modes.

Transparency and Opacity. Clipping Masks. Opacity Masks. Working with Transparency in Illustrator. Using Blending Modes. Mastering Illustrator.

35. Illustrators Effects and Filters.

About Filters and Effects. Illustrators Filter and Effect Menus. The Top of the Menus. The Middle of the Menus—Vector. The Bottom of the Menus—Raster. Mastering Illustrator.

36. Linking and Embedding Images and Fonts.

Linking Raster Images. Embedding Raster and Vector Images. Embedding Text Files and Fonts. Mastering Illustrator.

37. Illustrator and the Web.

Creating Web Graphics with Illustrator. Symbols and Symbolism for the Web. Save for Web and Image Optimizing. Advanced Web Capabilities in Illustrator. Mastering Illustrator.

38. Moving Artwork Between Illustrator and Photoshop.

Illustrator Versus Photoshop. Moving Artwork from Illustrator to Photoshop. Moving Artwork from Photoshop to Illustrator. Mastering Illustrator.



Adobe Creative Suite將Photoshop和Illustrator結合成一個流暢、協調的圖形引擎,比以往更具強大和靈活性。因此,設計師們必須從將它們視為獨立產品的思維轉變,並發展對這兩個應用程序如何互補的直觀理解。Peter Bauer在這個特定背景下出色地介紹了Photoshop和Illustrator,教授了每個應用程序的新功能,以及這兩個程序如何協同工作。Pete作為一位注重細節的教師和出色的溝通者的經驗清晰明確地體現出來...這本書做到了。- Daniel Giordan,AOL Web Properties設計總監

Peter Bauer和他的Adobe圖形專家團隊精心製作了這本書,以配合您的技能發展而成長。


- 來自書中示例的100多張彩色圖像。
- 附加章節介紹高級技術。
- 強大的Photoshop和Illustrator插件和工具的演示版本。

- 引言
- I. Creative Suite共同概念
- 1. 帶有Version Cue的Adobe Creative Suite
- 2. 選擇硬件並設置軟件
- 3. 理解和選擇文件格式
- 4. 像素、向量和解析度
- 5. 色彩的理論與實踐