Microsoft Office 2007 On Demand (Paperback)

Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc.

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  • 出版日期: 2006-12-28
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How to Use

•        Office: Organize information and add impact with clip art, SmartArt diagrams, tables, and charts with a new results-oriented interface

•        Word: Create great-looking documents faster using themes, styles, and templates

•        Excel: Use organizing, processing, and presenting tools to create data in Excel

•        PowerPoint: Create powerful presentations faster using ready-made design templates and themes

•        Outlook: Use tools for creating and managing your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks

•        Publisher: Use task panes to quickly create a brochure or a newsletter without being a designer

•        SharePoint: Collaborate and share documents and information

•        Prepare for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam

•        Practice your new skills with the useful workshops inside


On the Web

This book uses real-world examples to give you a context in which to use a task. This book also includes  workshops to help you put together individual tasks into projects. The Office example files that you need for project tasks are available at


Perspection has written and produced books on a variety of computer software—including Microsoft Office 2003 and XP, Microsoft Windows XP, Apple Mac OS X Panther, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Flash 8, Macromedia Director MX, and Macromedia Fireworks—and Web publishing. In 1991, after working for Apple Computer and Microsoft, Steve Johnson founded Perspection, Inc. Perspection is committed to providing information and training to help people use software more effectively. Perspection has written more than 80 computer books, and sold more than 5 million copies.


Includes MCAS Exam Objectives!

This courseware meets the objectives for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). Upon completion of this courseware, you may be prepared to take the exam for MCAS qualification. To learn more about becoming a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist, visit



Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Getting Started with Office         1

Chapter 2    Using Shared Office Tools 33

Chapter 3    Adding Art to Office Documents 57

Chapter 4    Adding Shapes to Office Documents    93

Chapter 5    Formatting Office Documents    115

Chapter 6    Creating a Document with Word          131

Chapter 7    Formatting a Document with Word      153

Chapter 8    Enhancing a Document with Word       173

Chapter 9    Creating a Worksheet with Excel         211

Chapter 10  Building a Worksheet with Excel 239

Chapter 11  Designing a Worksheet with Excel        281

Chapter 12  Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint       305

Chapter 13  Delivering a Presentation with PowerPoint      343

Chapter 14  Creating a Database with Access         375

Chapter 15  Locating and Managing Data with Access       405

Chapter 16  Presenting Data with Access      423

Chapter 17  Communication with Outlook     447

Chapter 18  Managing Information with Outlook     489

Chapter 19  Creating a Publication with Publisher     519

Chapter 20  Designing a Publication with Publisher   537

Chapter 21  Publishing Office Documents on the Web       557

Chapter 22  Protecting and Securing Office Documents     575

Chapter 23  Reviewing and Sharing Office Documents       605

Chapter 24  Expanding Office Functionality    647

New Features        673

Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist       683




- Office:使用新的以結果為導向的介面,組織資訊並添加影響力,包括剪貼畫、SmartArt圖表、表格和圖表。
- Word:使用主題、樣式和範本,更快地創建外觀出色的文件。
- Excel:使用組織、處理和呈現工具,在Excel中創建數據。
- PowerPoint:使用現成的設計範本和主題,更快地創建強大的演示文稿。
- Outlook:使用工具來創建和管理電子郵件、日曆、聯繫人和任務。
- Publisher:使用任務窗格快速創建宣傳冊或通訊,無需成為設計師。
- SharePoint:協作和共享文件和信息。
- 為Microsoft Certified Application Specialist考試做準備。
- 使用內部有用的研討會來練習您的新技能。



Perspection已經撰寫並製作了各種計算機軟件的書籍,包括Microsoft Office 2003和XP、Microsoft Windows XP、Apple Mac OS X Panther、Adobe Photoshop CS2、Macromedia Flash 8、Macromedia Director MX和Macromedia Fireworks,以及Web發布。 1991年,在為蘋果電腦和微軟工作後,Steve Johnson創立了Perspection公司。Perspection致力於提供信息和培訓,以幫助人們更有效地使用軟件。Perspection已經撰寫了80多本計算機書籍,銷售量超過500萬冊。


本課程教材符合Microsoft Certified Application Specialist(MCAS)的目標。完成本課程教材後,您可能準備參加MCAS資格考試。要了解有關成為Microsoft Certified Application Specialist的更多信息,請訪問。