Computer Security Fundamentals, 2/e (Paperback)

William (Chuck) Easttom II

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  • 出版日期: 2011-12-30
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 352
  • 裝訂: Paperback
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  • ISBN-13: 9780789748904
  • 相關分類: 資訊安全
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Welcome to today’s most useful and practical one-volume introduction to computer security. Chuck Easttom brings together up-to-the-minute coverage of all basic concepts, terminology, and issues, along with all the skills you need to get started in the field. Drawing on his extensive experience as a security instructor and consultant, Easttom thoroughly covers core topics, such as vulnerability assessment, virus attacks, hacking, spyware, network defense, passwords, firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection. Writing clearly and simply, he fully addresses crucial issues that many introductory security books ignore, from industrial espionage to cyberbullying.


Computer Security Fundamentals, Second Edition is packed with tips and examples, all extensively updated for the state-of-the-art in both attacks and defense. Each chapter offers exercises, projects, and review questions designed to deepen your understanding and help you apply all you’ve learned. Whether you’re a student, a system or network administrator, a manager, or a law enforcement professional, this book will help you protect your systems and data and expand your career options.


Learn how to

  • Identify the worst threats to your network and assess your risks
  • Get inside the minds of hackers, so you can prevent their attacks
  • Implement a proven layered approach to network security
  • Use basic networking knowledge to improve security
  • Resist the full spectrum of Internet-based scams and frauds
  • Defend against today’s most common Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Prevent attacks by viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Protect against low-tech social engineering attacks
  • Choose the best encryption methods for your organization
  • Select firewalls and other security technologies
  • Implement security policies that will work in your environment
  • Scan your network for vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate potential security consultants
  • Understand cyberterrorism and information warfare
  • Master basic computer forensics and know what to do after you’re attacked



歡迎來到今天最實用和實用的一卷電腦安全介紹。Chuck Easttom匯集了最新的基本概念、術語和問題的最新報導,以及您在這個領域開始所需的所有技能。Easttom根據他作為安全教師和顧問的豐富經驗,全面涵蓋了核心主題,如漏洞評估、病毒攻擊、黑客入侵、間諜軟體、網路防禦、密碼、防火牆、VPN和入侵檢測。他以清晰簡單的方式撰寫,全面解決了許多入門安全書籍忽略的重要問題,從工業間諜活動到網路霸凌。


- 辨識對您的網路構成最大威脅並評估風險
- 了解駭客的心態,以防止他們的攻擊
- 實施經過驗證的分層網路安全方法
- 利用基本的網路知識來提升安全性
- 抵抗全方位的基於網路的詐騙和欺詐行為
- 防禦當今最常見的阻斷服務(DoS)攻擊
- 預防病毒、間諜軟體和其他惡意軟體的攻擊
- 保護免受低技術社交工程攻擊
- 為您的組織選擇最佳的加密方法
- 選擇防火牆和其他安全技術
- 在您的環境中實施可行的安全政策
- 掃描您的網路漏洞
- 評估潛在的安全顧問
- 了解網路恐怖主義和資訊戰爭
- 掌握基本的電腦取證知識,並知道在受攻擊後該怎麼做