SharePoint 2013 Field Guide: Advice from the Consulting Trenches Paperback

Errin O'Connor

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  • 出版日期: 2014-06-25
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Covers SharePoint 2013, Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Other Office 365 Components  

In SharePoint 2013 Field Guide, top consultant Errin O'Connor and the team from EPC Group bring together best practices and proven strategies drawn from over 1000 successful SharePoint and Office 365 engagements. Reflecting this unsurpassed experience, they guide you through deployments of every type, including the latest considerations around private, public, and hybrid cloud implementations, from ECM to business intelligence (BI), as well as custom development and identity management.
O'Connor reveals how world-class consultants approach, plan, implement, and deploy SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 to maximize both short and long-term value. He covers every phase and element of the process, including initial "whiteboarding"; consideration around the existing infrastructure; IT roadmaps and the information architecture (IA); and planning for security and compliance in the new IT landscape of the hybrid cloud.
SharePoint 2013 Field Guide will be invaluable for implementation team members ranging from solution architects to support professionals, CIOs to end-users. It's like having a team of senior-level SharePoint and Office 365 consultants by your side, with over 1000 successful initiatives to their credit, helping you optimize your success from start to finish!
Detailed Information on How to...
  • Develop a 24-36 month roadmap reflecting initial requirements, long-term strategies, and key unknowns for organizations from 100 users to 100,000 users
  • Perform best practices custom development for both SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
  • Establish governance that reduces risk and increases value, covering the system as well as information architecture components, security, compliance, OneDrive, SharePoint 2013, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and identity management
  • Address unique considerations of large, global, and/or multilingual enterprises
  • Plan for the hybrid cloud (private, public, hybrid, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Integrate SharePoint with external data sources: from Oracle and SQL Server to HR, ERP, or document management for business intelligence initiatives
  • Optimize performance across multiple data centers or locations including US and EU compliance and regulatory considerations (PHI, PII, HIPAA, Safe Harbor, etc.)
  • Plan for disaster recovery, business continuity, data replication, and archiving
  • Enforce security via identity management and authentication
  • Safely support mobile devices and apps, including BYOD
  • Implement true records management (ECM/RM) to support legal/compliance requirements
  • Efficiently build custom applications, workflows, apps and web parts
  • Leverage Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS)


《SharePoint 2013 Field Guide》涵蓋了SharePoint 2013、Office 365、SharePoint Online和其他Office 365組件。在這本書中,頂尖顧問Errin O'Connor和EPC Group團隊匯集了從1000多個成功的SharePoint和Office 365項目中獲得的最佳實踐和驗證過的策略。基於這種無與倫比的經驗,他們引導您進行各種部署,包括最新的關於私有、公有和混合雲實施的考慮,從企業內容管理(ECM)到商業智能(BI),以及自定義開發和身份管理。

O'Connor揭示了世界一流顧問如何在短期和長期中最大化SharePoint 2013和Office 365的價值,包括如何接近、計劃、實施和部署。他涵蓋了過程的每個階段和元素,包括最初的“白板討論”、現有基礎設施的考慮、IT路線圖和信息架構(IA),以及在混合雲的新IT景觀中規劃安全性和合規性。

《SharePoint 2013 Field Guide》對於從解決方案架構師到支援專業人員、CIO到最終用戶的實施團隊成員來說都是無價之寶。就像有一支由資深SharePoint和Office 365顧問組成的團隊在您身邊,他們擁有超過1000個成功項目的經驗,幫助您從頭到尾優化您的成功!

- 制定一個24-36個月的路線圖,反映初始需求、長期策略和組織中100到100,000個用戶的關鍵未知因素
- 為SharePoint 2013和Office 365進行最佳實踐的自定義開發
- 建立減少風險並增加價值的治理,包括系統和信息架構組件、安全性、合規性、OneDrive、SharePoint 2013、Office 365、SharePoint Online、Microsoft Azure、Amazon Web Services和身份管理
- 處理大型、全球和/或多語言企業的獨特考慮因素
- 規劃混合雲(private、public、hybrid、SaaS、PaaS、IaaS)
- 將SharePoint與外部數據源集成:從Oracle和SQL Server到人力資源、企業資源規劃或文檔管理,以支持商業智能項目
- 在多個數據中心或地點優化性能,包括美國和歐盟的合規性和監管考慮因素(個人健康信息、個人身份信息、HIPAA、安全港等)
- 規劃災難恢復、業務連續性、數據複制和存檔
- 通過身份管理和身份驗證實施安全性
- 安全地支持移動設備和應用程序,包括BYOD
- 實施真正的記錄管理(ECM/RM)以支持法律/合規要求
- 高效地構建自定義應用程序、工作流程、應用程序和網絡部件
- 利用Microsoft Azure或Amazon Web Services(AWS)