The Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft, 2/e (Paperback)

Stephen O'Brien

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  • 出版日期: 2015-11-07
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  • 相關分類: 遊戲設計 Game-design
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The Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft

Make Minecraft whatever YOU want it to be!

After you’ve learned to survive in Minecraft, the fun really begins. Minecraft’s advanced features support stunning creativity—and that’s still just the beginning. More than ever, Minecraft 1.9 can be whatever you and millions of other players dream up!

Custom-crafted adventure maps… new trading systems and societies… incredible mods that take Minecraft into the far future… Minecraft’s potential is simply astounding. This full-color guide brings together all of today’s most amazing Minecraft resources and techniques. Why struggle with outdated web tutorials or bewildering YouTube videos? Mega-bestselling author Stephen O’Brien will show you how to get it all, and do it all!

  • Create and manage unique Minecraft 1.9 configurations with their own versions, worlds, resource packs, and profiles
  • Automatically mass-produce sugar cane, melons, wheat, and more
  • Supercharge mining operations to excavate infinite amounts of obsidian
  • Take control of the mayhem with mob farms: mass-produce your own zombies, spiders, creepers, and skeletons
  • Craft amazing armor, weapons, and tools
  • Build in any style that inspires you: medieval, Victorian, Viking, Japanese, modern, suburban, you name it
  • Create natural-looking terrain and trees, decorate with 2D pixel art, and build 3D statues
  • Construct smarter, more efficient power and transportation systems
  • Assemble amazing redstone circuitry with Monostable and Redpower 2
  • Generate massive resources with gigantic oil refineries and quarries
  • Create and share exciting adventure maps and learn the secrets of CommandBlocks
  • Export your greatest adventures to YouTube, Vimeo, or HD video


Stephen O’Brien is author of the mega-bestselling The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft as well as many other books. An Australian-born writer and entrepreneur now residing in Sydney after too many years in Silicon Valley, his 30 books include several bestsellers. He founded Typefi, the world’s leading automated publishing system, and invented the award-winning mypressi portable espresso maker. He’s a perpetual innovator who remains astounded at the unparalleled creativity Minecraft can engender.


Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB. This book is not affiliated with or sponsored by Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB.


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在學會在Minecraft中生存之後,真正的樂趣才剛剛開始。Minecraft的高級功能支持令人驚嘆的創造力,而這只是個開始。如今,Minecraft 1.9可以成為你和數百萬其他玩家夢想的任何形式!

自定義冒險地圖...新的交易系統和社會結構...令人難以置信的模組將Minecraft帶入遙遠的未來...Minecraft的潛力簡直令人驚嘆。這本全彩指南匯集了當今最令人驚嘆的Minecraft資源和技巧。為什麼要苦苦挣扎於過時的網絡教程或令人困惑的YouTube視頻?暢銷作家Stephen O'Brien將向您展示如何獲得一切,並做到一切!

- 創建和管理獨特的Minecraft 1.9配置,包括版本、世界、資源包和配置文件
- 自動大量生產甘蔗、西瓜、小麥等
- 強化挖掘操作,挖掘無限量的黑曜石
- 通過怪物農場控制混亂:大量生產您自己的僵屍、蜘蛛、爬行者和骷髏
- 製作驚人的盔甲、武器和工具
- 以任何激發您靈感的風格建造:中世紀、維多利亞、維京、日本、現代、郊區,隨您選擇
- 創建自然外觀的地形和樹木,用2D像素藝術裝飾,建造3D雕像
- 構建更智能、更高效的電力和交通系統
- 使用Monostable和Redpower 2組裝驚人的紅石電路
- 通過巨大的煉油廠和採石場生成大量資源
- 創建並分享令人興奮的冒險地圖,並學習CommandBlocks的秘密
- 將您最偉大的冒險故事輸出到YouTube、Vimeo或高清視頻

Stephen O'Brien是暢銷書《Minecraft終極玩家指南》的作者,也是其他多本書的作者。作為一位澳大利亞出生的作家和企業家,他在矽谷度過了太多年後現居悉尼,他的30本書中包括幾本暢銷書。他創辦了全球領先的自動出版系統Typefi,並發明了屢獲殊榮的mypressi便攜式咖啡機。作為一位不斷創新的人,他對Minecraft所能激發的無與倫比的創造力感到驚嘆。

Minecraft是Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB的商標,本書與Mojang Synergies / Notch Development AB無關聯或贊助。