Parametric and Semiparametric Models with Applications to Reliability, Survival Analysis, and Quality of Life

Mikhail S. Nikulin, N. Balakrishnan, M. Mesbah, Nikolaos Limnios

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Parametric and semiparametric models are tools with a wide range of applications to reliability, survival analysis, and quality of life. This self-contained volume examines these tools in survey articles written by experts currently working on the development and evaluation of models and methods. While a number of chapters deal with general theory, several explore more specific connections and recent results in "real-world" reliability theory, survival analysis and related fields.

Specific topics covered include:

* non-parametric estimation of lifetimes of subjects exposed to radiation

* statistical analysis of simultaneous degradation-mortality data with covariates of the aged

* estimation of maintenance efficiency in semiparametric imperfect repair models

* cancer prognosis using survival forests

* short-term health problems related to air pollution: analysis using semiparametric generalized additive models

* parametric models in accelerated life testing and fuzzy data

* semiparametric models in the studies of aging and longevity

This book will be of use as a reference text for general statisticians, theoreticians, graduate students, reliability engineers, health researchers, and biostatisticians working in applied probability and statistics.


Table of Contents

Part I: Cox Models and Analyses

Estimation in Partly Parametric Additive Cox Models / H. Läuter

Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation in the Proportional Hazards Model with Covariate Measurement Error / J-F. Dupuy

Diagnostics for Cox's Proportional Hazards Model / C. Caroni

Part II: Degradation Models and Analyses

Semiparametric Analysis of Degradation and Failure Time Data with Covariates / V. Bagdonavicius and M. Nikulin

On a Degradation-Failure Model for Repairable Items / A. Lehmann

Comparison of Parametric and Semiparametric Estimates in a Degradation Model with Covariates and Traumatic Censoring / V. Couallier

Part III: Accelerated Failure Time Models and Analyses

Accelerated Life Testing, Fuzzy Information and Generalized Probability / R. Viertl

Asymptotic Theory in Rank Estimation for AFT Model under Fixed Censorship / Z. Jin and Z. Ying

An Example of Optimal Design in Accelerated Experiments / L. Gerville-Reache

Part IV: Aging Properties and Analyses

Aspects of Multivariate Aging in Exchangeable Frailty Models / F. Spizzichino

Semiparametric Models in the Studies of Aging and Longevity / A. I. Yashin

Part V: Analyses of Censored and Truncated Data

Semiparametric Transformation Models for Arbitrarily Censored and Truncated Data / C. Huber-Carol and F. Vonta

EM Algorithm for Type-II Right Censored Bivariate Normal Data / N. Balakrishnan and J.-A. Kim

Statistical Estimation Based on Interval Censored Data / M.S. Tikhov

Part VI: Regression Methods and Applications

The Covariate Order Method for Nonparametric Exponential Regression and Some Applications in Other Lifetime Models

J.V. Kvaløy and B.H. Lindquist

Effect of Ignoring Heterogeneity in Hazards Regression / H-D. I. Wu

Part VII: Time-Series Analysis

An Introduction to Efficient Estimation for Semiparametric Time Series / P. E. Greenwood, U. U. Mueller and W. Wefelmeyer

Part VIII: Inferential Methods

Distance-Based Multivariate Two Sample Tests / C. M. Cuadras and J. Fortiana

Empirical Likelihood in Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models / P. Bertail

Goodness of Fit Tests of L_2-Type / H. Liero

Part IX: Multicentre Studies

Asymptotic Properties of the CRT Estimators for Multicentre Studies / V. V. Anisimov and V. V. Fedorov

Part X: Quality of Life Studies

HRQoL and Concomitant Adjusted Mean Residual Life Analysis / P. K. Sen

Semiparametric Approach to the Multivariate Mixed Rasch Model / M-L. Feddag and M. Mesbah

Part XI: Breast Cancer Studies

Breast Cancer Prognosis using Survival Forests / T. M. Hoang and V. L. Parsons

Semiparametric Versus Parametric Regression Analysis Based on the Bounded Cumulative Hazard Model: An Application to Breast Cancer Recurrence

K. M. Boucher, B. Asselain, A. D. Tsodikov and A. Y. Yakovlev

Part XII: Inference for Processes

Estimation of Analytic Spectral Density of Gaussian Stationary Processes / I. Ibragimov

Sub-optimal Estimation of Unknown Function from Stationary Noisy Data / V. Solev

On Parameter Estimation by Contaminated Observations of Ergodic Diffusion Processes / Yu. A. Kutoyants

On Parameter Estimation for a Position-Dependent Marking of a Doubly Stochastic Poisson Process / H. Wendt and W. Kahle

Discrete Time Semi-Markov Processes for Reliability and Survival Analysis: A Nonparametric Estimation Approach / V. Barbu and N. Limnios

Non-parametric Estimation on Lifetimes of Subjects Exposed to Radiation from a Semi-Markov Process / A-L. Afchain

Part XIII: Probability Theory and Applications

An Extension of Levy's Formula to Weighted Wiener Processes / P. Deheuvels

Sur l'Inegalite de Concentration de Doeblin-Levy, Rogozin, Kesten / J. Bretagnolle

Subject Index




- 對受輻射暴露的受試者壽命的非參數估計
- 帶有年齡協變量的同時退化-死亡數據的統計分析
- 半參數不完美修復模型中維護效率的估計
- 使用生存森林進行癌症預後
- 與空氣污染相關的短期健康問題:使用半參數廣義加法模型進行分析
- 加速壽命測試和模糊數據中的參數模型
- 老化和長壽研究中的半參數模型



- 部分參數加法Cox模型的估計 / H. Läuter
- 具有協變量測量誤差的比例風險模型的非參數最大概似估計 / J-F. Dupuy
- Cox比例風險模型的診斷 / C. Caroni

- 具有協變量的退化和故障時間數據的半參數分析 / V. Bagdonavicius和M. Nikulin
- 修復物品的退化-故障模型比較 / A. Lehmann
- 具有協變量和創傷性截獲的退化模型中參數和半參數估計的比較 / V. Couallier

- 加速壽命測試、模糊信息和廣義概率 / R. Viertl
- 固定截獲下AFT模型的等級估計的漸近理論 / Z. Jin和Z. Ying
- 加速實驗中的最優設計示例 / L. Gerville-Reache

- 可交換脆弱性模型中多變量老化的方面 / F. Spizzichino
- 老化和長壽研究中的半參數模型 / A. I. Yashin

- 任意截獲和截斷數據的半參數轉換模型 / C. Huber-Carol和F. Vonta
- 基於類型II右截獲雙變量正態數據的EM算法 / N. Balakrishnan和J.-A. Kim
- 基於區間截獲數據的統計估計 / M.S. Tikhov

- 非參數指數回歸的協變量順序方法及其在其他壽命模型中的應用 / J.V. Kvaløy和B.H. Lindquist
- 忽略異質性的影響的非參數指數回歸方法及其在其他壽命模型中的應用 / J.V. Kvaløy和B.H. Lindquist