What Every Engineer Should Know about Software Engineering (Paperback)

Philip A. Laplante



Do you…
  • Use a computer to perform analysis or simulations in your daily work?
  • Write short scripts or record macros to perform repetitive tasks?
  • Need to integrate off-the-shelf software into your systems or require multiple applications to work together?
  • Find yourself spending too much time working the kinks out of your code?
  • Work with software engineers on a regular basis but have difficulty communicating or collaborating?

    If any of these sound familiar, then you may need a quick primer in the principles of software engineering. Nearly every engineer, regardless of field, will need to develop some form of software during their career. Without exposure to the challenges, processes, and limitations of software engineering, developing software can be a burdensome and inefficient chore.

    In What Every Engineer Should Know about Software Engineering, Phillip Laplante introduces the profession of software engineering along with a practical approach to understanding, designing, and building sound software based on solid principles. Using a unique question-and-answer format, this book addresses the issues and misperceptions that engineers need to understand in order to successfully work with software engineers, develop specifications for quality software, and learn the basics of the most common programming languages, development approaches, and paradigms.
  • 商品描述(中文翻譯)

    - 在日常工作中使用電腦進行分析或模擬?
    - 撰寫簡短的腳本或記錄巨集以執行重複性任務?
    - 需要將現成軟體整合到系統中,或需要多個應用程式協同工作?
    - 發現自己花太多時間解決程式碼中的問題?
    - 經常與軟體工程師合作,但在溝通或協作方面遇到困難?


    在《每個工程師都應該了解的軟體工程》一書中,Phillip Laplante介紹了軟體工程這個專業,並提供了一種實用的方法來理解、設計和構建基於堅實原則的優質軟體。這本書採用獨特的問答形式,解決了工程師需要了解的問題和誤解,以便成功與軟體工程師合作、制定優質軟體的規範,並學習最常見的程式語言、開發方法和範式的基礎知識。