Oracle Dataguard: Standby Database Failover Handbook

Bipul Kumar

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  • 出版日期: 2005-01-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 230
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0974599387
  • ISBN-13: 9780974599380
  • 相關分類: Oracle
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This small book is an indispensable guide for using Oracle for a disaster recovery strategy. Covering all areas of disaster recovery, standby database and automatic Oracle failover, this book explains the use of Oracle10g Data Guard solution provides a comprehensive Solution for disaster recovery. This book covers all aspects of Oracle Data Guard in detail and provides an overview of the latest Data Guard features in Oracle10g.

Written by a working Oracle DBA, this text covers the concepts and the architecture of standby databases and provides a detailed description of the implementation and management of data guard. Expert tips are revealed for success in configuration and first-time implementation of Data Guard. Advance topics such as "Using RMAN to create Data Guard Configuration" and "Data Guard Broker" have been discussed in detail to assist production DBAs managing multiple databases.


Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
  Standby Database Concepts
  History of Standby Database
     Chronological Development of Standby Technology
  Types of Standby Databases
     Physical Standby Database
     Logical Standby Database
     Archive log repository
  Benefits and Drawbacks
     Disaster Protection
     Load Balancing
     Automated Management
     Not a cheap option
  Operational Constraints
  Lifecycle of Standby Database
  A Sample Configuration
02 - Data Guard Architecture
  Architectural Components
     Process Architecture
     Redo Log File
     Archived Redo Log File
  Data Guard Apply Modes
     Redo Apply Mode
     SQL Apply Mode
        Log Miner Technology
  Archive Gap Sequence
     Detection And Resolution
  Data Guard Broker Architecture
     Configuration, Sites And Resources
     Server Side Components Of The Broker
     Client Side Components Of The Broker
  Role of Transport Network Substrate
03 - Implementing Standby Databases
  Physical Standby Database
     Manual Recovery Physical Standby Database
     Managed Recovery Physical Standby Database
     Read-Only Physical Standby Database
  Creating Physical Standby Database
     On A Remote Host Machine
        Preparing To Create Physical Standby Database
        Backup Primary Database
        Modifying Initialization Parameter file
        Oracle Net Configuration
        Starting Standby Database
        Verify Physical Standby Database
     On A Local Host Machine
        Modifying Initialization Parameters
        Oracle Net Configuration
        Starting Standby Database
     Accommodating Difference In Directory Structure Between Primary And Standby Site
  Creating Logical Standby Database
     Limitations of Logical Standby Database
     Requirements for Logical Standby Database
     Creating A Logical Standby database
        Backup Primary Database
        Building LogMiner Dictionary
        Oracle Net Configuration
        Modifying Initialisation Parameter File
        Changes on Logical Standby Site
Sample Configuration
04 - Standby Database Administration
  Administration Of Physical Standby Database
     General Administration Tasks
        Controlling Managed Recovery Process
        Opening Standby Database in Read-only mode
        Manually Recovery of Standby Database
        Shutting Down Standby Database
     Monitor Physical Standby Database
        Tools For Monitoring Standby Database
        Recovery Progress On Standby Site
     Propagating Unrecoverable Operations To Standby Database
        Changes In The Tablespaces Or Datafiles
        Reset Online Redo Logs On Primary Database
        Datafile Name Changes On Primary Database
        Changing Initialization Parameter On Primary Standby Database
     Physical Standby Database With Time Lag
     Resolving Archive Gap Sequence On Physical Standby Database
  Administration Of Logical Standby Database
     Starting Up And Shutting Down A Logical Standby Database
     Starting and Stopping Log Apply Service
     Monitoring Logical Standby Database
        Tools to monitor logical standby site
        Monitoring Overall Progress Of SQL Apply Operation
        Monitoring Log Apply Services
     Managing Schema Objects
        Managing Tables In Logical Standby Database
     Logical Standby Database With Time Lag
     Resolving Archive Gap Sequence On Logical Standby Database
  Cascaded Standby Database
     Using Physical Standby Database For Cascaded Standby Database
     Using Logical Standby Database For Cascaded Standby Database
05 - Log Management Services
  Log Transport Services
  Log Apply Services
     Physical Standby Database
     Logical Standby Database
  Log Management Policies
     Factors Influencing Log Transport Policies
     A Sample Log Management Policy
  Standby Redo Logs
  Log Transport Service Transmission Attributes
     Process To Transfer Redo Data
     Network Characteristics Influencing Redo Transmission
     Acknowledging Redo Disk I/O Operation On Standby Database
  Standby Database Protection Modes
     Protection Modes In Oracle9i Release 1
        Guaranteed Protection Mode
        Instant Protection Mode
        Rapid Protection Mode
        Delayed Protection Mode
     Protection Modes In Oracle9i Release 2
        Maximum Protection
        Maximum Availability
        Maximum Performance
06 - Switchover And Failover
  Types Of Database Role Transitions
     Role Transition Using Switchover
     Role Transition Using Failover
        Graceful Failover
        Forced Failover
  Determining A Suitable Standby Database For Role Transition
  Disadvantages Of Transitioning To Logical Standby Database
  Switchover Operation
     Preparing Primary Database For Switchover
     Preparing Standby Database For Switchover
        Physical Standby Database
        Logical Standby Database
     Switchover To A Physical Standby Database
     Switchover To A Logical Standby Database
     Verify Switchover Operation
  Failover Operation
     Failover To A Physical Standby Database
     Failover To A Logical Standby Database
     Verify Failover Operation
     Impact On Other Standby Database In Configuration
  Transparent Application Failover
07 - Management Using Data Guard Broker
Creating Data Guard Configuration
Managing Data Guard Configuration
Managing Site
Managing Database Resources
Switchover & Failover using DG Broker
Gathering Statistic using BG Broker
08 - Performance Tuning Of Data Guard Configuration
  Understanding Tuning Requirements
  Monitoring Data Guard Performance
  Tuning Log Transfer Service
     Determining Optimal Network Bandwidth
     Gathering Oracle Net Related Statistics
     Network Tuning for Log Transport Service
     I/O Activity on the Standby Host
  Tuning Log Apply Services
     Understanding Memory Usage during Log Apply
        Tuning Memory Usage
     Wait Events Specific to Standby Database
     Tuning SQL Apply Operation
  Configuring Standby Database for high performance
09 - Oracle10g Data Guard New Feature
10 - Using RMAN for Standby Database
Appendix A - Troubleshooting
Appendix B - Data Guard Reference