Game AI Pro: Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals (Paperback)

Rabin, Steven



Successful games merge art and technology in truly unique ways. Fused under tight production deadlines and strict performance requirements, shaped by demanding player expectations, games are among the most complex software projects created today. Game AI Pro: Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals covers both the art and the technology of game AI. Nothing covered is theory or guesswork. The book brings together the accumulated wisdom, cutting-edge ideas, and clever tricks and techniques of 54 of today's top game AI professionals. Some chapters present techniques that have been developed and passed down within the community for years while others discuss the most exciting new research and ideas from today's most innovative games.


The book includes core algorithms that you'll need to succeed, such as behavior trees, utility theory, spatial representation, path planning, motion control, and tactical reasoning. It also describes tricks and techniques that will truly bring your game to life, including perception systems, social modeling, smart camera systems, player prediction, and even an AI sound designer. Throughout, the book discusses the optimizations and performance enhancements that enable your game to run while maintaining 60 frames per second.


成功的遊戲以獨特的方式融合藝術和技術。在嚴格的生產期限和嚴格的性能要求下,受到玩家的高要求塑造,遊戲是當今最複雜的軟體項目之一。《Game AI Pro: Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals》涵蓋了遊戲人工智慧的藝術和技術。書中所談論的內容都不是理論或猜測。這本書匯集了當今54位頂尖遊戲人工智慧專家的累積智慧、尖端思想和巧妙技巧。有些章節介紹了多年來在社群中發展和傳承的技術,而其他章節則討論了當今最具創新性遊戲中最令人興奮的新研究和思想。



Steve Rabin is a principal software engineer at Nintendo of America, where he researches new techniques for Nintendo's current and future platforms, architects development tools, and supports Nintendo developers. He also teaches game AI at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. He was previously an AI engineer at several start-up companies, including Gas Powered Games, WizBang Software Productions, and Surreal Software. He is the founder of the professional group AI Game Programmers Guild, with over 350 members worldwide. He earned a BS in computer engineering and an MS in computer science, both from the University of Washington.


Steve Rabin是任天堂美國分公司的首席軟體工程師,他在該公司研究任天堂目前和未來平台的新技術,設計開發工具,並支援任天堂的開發人員。他還在DigiPen技術學院教授遊戲人工智慧。他曾在多家初創公司擔任人工智慧工程師,包括Gas Powered Games、WizBang Software Productions和Surreal Software。他是AI Game Programmers Guild的創始人,該專業團體在全球擁有超過350名成員。他在華盛頓大學獲得了計算機工程學士學位和計算機科學碩士學位。