Security Engineering for Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems

Motahhir, Saad, Maleh, Yassine


Digital transformation, also known as Industry 4.0, Smart Industry, and Smart Manufacturing, is at the top of leaders' agendas. Such a transformation stimulates innovation in new products and services, the digital transformation of processes, and the creation of new business models and ecosystems. In the world of manufacturing, Industry 4.0 is based on various technological advances, among which we can mainly cite CPS (cyber-physical systems), IoT (Internet of Things), and IoS (internet of services).

While engaging, this fourth wave also brings significant challenges for manufacturers. Business operations and the supply chain are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats.

Security Engineering for Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems is an invaluable resource to discover cybersecurity and privacy techniques for embedded and cyber-physical systems. This book presents the latest studies and research results on all aspects of security engineering for embedded and cyber-physical systems. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary reference for researchers, practitioners, and educators to discover the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, and practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in security engineering for embedded and cyber-physical systems.

The book offers comprehensive coverage of the essential topics, including the following:

  • Embedded and cyber-physical systems threats and vulnerabilities
  • Security engineering techniques for embedded and cyber-physical systems
  • Security engineering for embedded and cyber-physical systems and potential future-use cases
  • Artificial intelligence techniques for cybersecurity and privacy
  • Security engineering for Internet of Things
  • Blockchain for cybersecurity in embedded and cyber-physical systems

This book comprises a number of state-of-the-art contributions from both scientists and practitioners working in security engineering for embedded and cyber-physical systems. It aspires to provide a relevant reference for students, researchers, engineers, and professionals working in this area or those interested in grasping its diverse facets and exploring the latest advances and future trends related to security engineering for embedded and cyber-physical systems.





- 嵌入式和物聯網系統的威脅和漏洞
- 嵌入式和物聯網系統的安全工程技術
- 嵌入式和物聯網系統的安全工程和潛在未來應用案例
- 人工智能技術在網絡安全和隱私方面的應用
- 物聯網的安全工程
- 區塊鏈在嵌入式和物聯網系統的網絡安全中的應用



Saad Motahhir (Eng., Ph.D., IEEE Senior Member) has previous expertise acting in industry as Embedded System Engineer at Zodiac Aerospace Morocco from 2014 to 2019, and more recently became a professor at ENSA, SMBA university, Fez, Morocco since 2019. He received the engineer degree in embedded system from ENSA Fez in 2014. He received his Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering from SMBA University in 2018. He has published a good number of papers in journals and conferences in the last few years, most of which are related to photovoltaic (PV) solar energy and Embedded Systems. He published number of patents in Morocco patent office. He edited many springer books and acted as a guest editor of different special issues and topical collections. He is reviewer and in the editorial board of different journals. He was associated with more than 30 international conferences as a Program Committee/Advisory Board/Review Board member.

Yassine Maleh (http: // is a cybersecurity professor and practitioner with industry and academic experience. He is a Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences. Since 2019, He working as a professor of cybersecurity at Sultan Moulay Slimane University, Morocco. He was working for the National Port agency (ANP) in Morocco as a Senior Security Analyst from 2012 to 2019. He is senior member of IEEE, member of the International Association of Engineers and the Machine Intelligence Research Labs. Dr. Maleh has made contributions in the fields of information security and privacy, Internet of Things security, and wireless and constrained networks security. His research interests include information security and privacy, Internet of Things, networks security, information system and IT governance. He has published over 60 papers (book chapters, international journals, and conferences/workshops), 7 edited books, and 2 authored book. He is the editor in chief of the International Journal of Smart Security Technologies. He serves as an associate editor for IEEE Access (2019 Impact Factor 4.098), the International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics, and the International Journal of Information Security and Privacy. He was also a guest editor of a special issue on 'Recent Advances on Cyber Security and Privacy for Cloud-of-Things' of the International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics, Volume 10, Issue 3, July-September 2019. He has served and continues to serve on executive and technical program committees and as a reviewer of numerous international conferences and journals such as Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Network Magazine, IEEE Sensor Journal, ICT Express, and Springer Cluster Computing. He was the publicity chair of BCCA 2019 and the general chair of the MLBDACP 19 symposium.


Saad Motahhir(Eng.,Ph.D.,IEEE高級會員)曾在2014年至2019年期間擔任摩洛哥Zodiac Aerospace公司的嵌入式系統工程師,最近成為摩洛哥Fez的ENSA,SMBA大學的教授。他於2014年從ENSA Fez獲得嵌入式系統工程師學位,並於2018年從SMBA大學獲得電氣工程博士學位。近年來,他在期刊和會議上發表了大量與光伏太陽能和嵌入式系統相關的論文,並在摩洛哥專利局發表了多項專利。他編輯了許多Springer書籍,並擔任不同特刊和專題集的客座編輯。他是不同期刊的審稿人和編輯委員會成員。他曾擔任30多個國際會議的程序委員會/顧問委員會/審稿委員會成員。

Yassine Maleh(是一位具有行業和學術經驗的網絡安全教授和從業者。他擁有計算機科學博士學位。自2019年以來,他在摩洛哥蘇丹穆萊·斯利曼大學擔任網絡安全教授。他曾在2012年至2019年期間在摩洛哥國家港口局(ANP)擔任高級安全分析師。他是IEEE的高級會員,國際工程師協會和機器智能研究實驗室的成員。Maleh博士在信息安全和隱私、物聯網安全以及無線和受限網絡安全領域做出了貢獻。他的研究興趣包括信息安全和隱私、物聯網、網絡安全、信息系統和IT治理。他發表了60多篇論文(專書章節、國際期刊和會議/研討會)、7本編輯書籍和2本著作。他是《國際智能安全技術期刊》的主編。他擔任IEEE Access(2019年影響因子4.098)、《國際數字犯罪和取證期刊》和《國際信息安全和隱私期刊》的副編輯。他還擔任《國際數字犯罪和取證期刊》2019年7-9月第10卷第3期“雲物聯網的最新進展的特刊”的客座編輯。他曾擔任和繼續擔任多個國際會議和期刊的執行和技術程序委員會成員和審稿人,如Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks、IEEE Network Magazine、IEEE Sensor Journal、ICT Express和Springer Cluster Computing。他曾擔任BCCA 2019的宣傳主席和MLBDACP 19研討會的總主席。