Operating Openshift: An Sre Approach to Managing Infrastructure

Rackow, Rick, Dewald, Manuel

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  • 出版日期: 2022-12-13
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
  • ISBN: 1098106393
  • ISBN-13: 9781098106393
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Kubernetes has gained significant popularity over the past few years, with OpenShift as one of its most mature and prominent distributions. But while OpenShift provides several layers of abstraction over vanilla Kubernetes, this software can quickly become overwhelming because of its rich feature set and functionality. This practical book helps you understand and manage OpenShift clusters from minimal deployment to large multicluster installations.

Principal site reliability engineers Rick Rackow and Manuel Dewald, who worked together on Red Hat's managed OpenShift offering for years, provide valuable advice to help your teams operate OpenShift clusters efficiently. Designed for SREs, system administrators, DevOps engineers, and cloud architects, Operating OpenShift encourages consistent and easy container orchestration and helps reduce the effort of deploying a Kubernetes platform. You'll learn why OpenShift has become highly attractive to enterprises large and small.

  • Learn OpenShift core concepts and deployment strategies
  • Explore multicluster OpenShift Container Platform deployments
  • Administer OpenShift clusters following best practices
  • Learn best practices for deploying workloads to OpenShift
  • Monitor OpenShift clusters through state-of-the-art concepts



曾在Red Hat的托管OpenShift項目上共同合作多年的首席網站可靠性工程師Rick Rackow和Manuel Dewald提供了寶貴的建議,幫助您的團隊高效運營OpenShift集群。《Operating OpenShift》專為SRE(網站可靠性工程師)、系統管理員、DevOps工程師和雲架構師設計,鼓勵一致且簡單的容器編排,並幫助減少部署Kubernetes平台的工作量。您將了解為什麼OpenShift對於大大小小的企業都非常有吸引力。

- 學習OpenShift的核心概念和部署策略
- 探索多集群OpenShift容器平台的部署
- 遵循最佳實踐管理OpenShift集群
- 學習將工作負載部署到OpenShift的最佳實踐
- 通過最先進的概念監控OpenShift集群


Rick is a seasoned professional who has worked on cloud and container adoption throughout his career. As Site Reliability Engineer on Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated team, Rick manages and maintains countless OpenShift clusters at scale and ensures their reliability every day by developing and following the best practices the reader will learn in this book.

Manuel Dewald has been a software engineer on a variety of software projects from big enterprise software to distributed open source software composed of independent components. He's now working as Site Reliability Engineer at Red Hat, maintaining and automating the lifecycle of OpenShift clusters.


Rick是一位經驗豐富的專業人士,他在整個職業生涯中一直致力於雲端和容器的採用。作為紅帽公司OpenShift Dedicated團隊的網站可靠性工程師,Rick負責管理和維護大量的OpenShift集群,並通過開發和遵循本書中讀者將學到的最佳實踐來確保它們的可靠性。

Manuel Dewald曾在各種軟體項目中擔任軟體工程師,從大型企業軟體到由獨立組件組成的分散式開源軟體。他現在在紅帽公司擔任網站可靠性工程師,負責維護和自動化OpenShift集群的生命周期。