mm-Wave Silicon Power Amplifiers and Transmitters (Hardcover)

Hossein Hashemi , Sanjay Raman




Build high-performance, spectrally clean, energy-efficient mm-wave power amplifiers and transmitters with this cutting-edge guide to designing, modeling, analysing, implementing and testing new mm-wave systems. Suitable for students, researchers and practicing engineers, this self-contained guide provides in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art semiconductor devices and technologies, linear and nonlinear power amplifier technologies, efficient power combining systems, circuit concepts, system architectures and system-on-a-chip realizations. The world's foremost experts from industry and academia cover all aspects of the design process, from device technologies to system architectures. Accompanied by numerous case studies highlighting practical design techniques, tradeoffs and pitfalls, this is a superb resource for those working with high-frequency systems.

Covers deeply scaled CMOS and SiGe HBT/BiCMOS technologies
Includes detailed discussion of advanced topics, including transistor stacking, digital transmitters and self-healing approaches
Provides valuable insight into methods for achieving high power efficiency while maintaining high performance with complex waveforms
Includes contributions from world-renowned expert authors

Table of Contents

1. Silicon-based mm-wave transmitters: motivation and state-of-the-art Hossein Hashemi and Sanjay Raman
2. Characteristics, performance, modelling, and reliability of SiGe HBT technologies for mm-wave power amplifiers David Harame, Vibhor Jain and Renata Camillo Castillo
3. Characteristics, performance, modelling, and reliability of CMOS technologies for mm-wave power amplifiers Antonio Scuderi and Egidio Ragonese
4. Linear-mode mm-wave silicon power amplifiers James Buckwalter
5. Switching-mode mm-wave silicon power amplifiers Harish Krishnaswamy, Anandaroop Chakarbarti, Kunal Datta and Hossein Hashemi
6. Stacked mm-wave amplifiers Peter Asbeck and Harish Krishnaswamy
7. On-chip power combining techniques for mm-wave silicon power amplifiers Jeng-Han Tsai, Jin-Fu Yeh and Tian-Wei Huang
8. Out-phasing mm-wave silicon transmitters Patrick Reynaert and Dixian Zhao
9. Digital mm-wave silicon transmitters Ali Niknejad and Sorin Voinigescu
10. System-on-a-chip mm-wave silicon transmitters Arun Natarajan and Brian Floyd
11. Self-healing for mm-wave power amplifiers Ali Hajimiri, Steve Bowers, Kaushik Sengupta and Kaushik Dasgupta.






1. 基於矽的毫米波發射機:動機和最新技術,Hossein Hashemi和Sanjay Raman
2. SiGe HBT技術在毫米波功率放大器中的特性、性能、建模和可靠性,David Harame、Vibhor Jain和Renata Camillo Castillo
3. CMOS技術在毫米波功率放大器中的特性、性能、建模和可靠性,Antonio Scuderi和Egidio Ragonese
4. 線性模式毫米波矽功率放大器,James Buckwalter
5. 切換模式毫米波矽功率放大器,Harish Krishnaswamy、Anandaroop Chakarbarti、Kunal Datta和Hossein Hashemi
6. 堆疊式毫米波放大器,Peter Asbeck和Harish Krishnaswamy
7. 毫米波矽功率放大器的片上功率結合技術,Jeng-Han Tsai、Jin-Fu Yeh和Tian-Wei Huang
8. 毫米波矽發射機的外相法,Patrick Reynaert和Dixian Zhao
9. 數字毫米波矽發射機,Ali Niknejad和Sorin Voinigescu
10. 片上系統毫米波矽發射機,Arun Natarajan和Brian Floyd
11. 毫米波功率放大器的自我修復,Ali Hajimiri、Steve Bowers、Kaushik Sengupta和Kaushik Dasgupta。