Professional Android Sensor Programming (Paperback)

Greg Milette, Adam Stroud



Learn to build human-interactive Android apps, starting with device sensors

This book shows Android developers how to exploit the rich set of device sensors—locational, physical (temperature, pressure, light, acceleration, etc.), cameras, microphones, and speech recognition—in order to build fully human-interactive Android applications. Whether providing hands-free directions or checking your blood pressure, Professional Android Sensor Programming shows how to turn possibility into reality.

The authors provide techniques that bridge the gap between accessing sensors and putting them to meaningful use in real-world situations. They not only show you how to use the sensor related APIs effectively, they also describe how to use supporting Android OS components to build complete systems. Along the way, they provide solutions to problems that commonly occur when using Android's sensors, with tested, real-world examples. Ultimately, this invaluable resource provides in-depth, runnable code examples that you can then adapt for your own applications.

  • Shows experienced Android developers how to exploit the rich set of Android smartphone sensors to build human-interactive Android apps
  • Explores Android locational and physical sensors (including temperature, pressure, light, acceleration, etc.), as well as cameras, microphones, and speech recognition
  • Helps programmers use the Android sensor APIs, use Android OS components to build complete systems, and solve common problems
  • Includes detailed, functional code that you can adapt and use for your own applications
  • Shows you how to successfully implement real-world solutions using each class of sensors for determining location, interpreting physical sensors, handling images and audio, and recognizing and acting on speech

Learn how to write programs for this fascinating aspect of mobile app development with Professional Android Sensor Programming.





- 向有經驗的Android開發人員展示如何利用Android智能手機豐富的感應器集合來建立與人互動的Android應用程式
- 探索Android的定位和物理感應器(包括溫度、壓力、光線、加速度等),以及相機、麥克風和語音識別
- 幫助程式設計師使用Android感應器API,使用Android操作系統組件來構建完整的系統,並解決常見問題
- 包含詳細且功能完整的代碼,您可以根據自己的應用程式進行調整和使用
- 向您展示如何使用各種感應器類別成功實現現實世界的解決方案,包括確定位置、解釋物理感應器、處理圖像和音頻,以及識別和執行語音操作