Enterprise Android: Programming Android Database Applications for the Enterprise (Paperback)

Zigurd Mednieks, G. Blake Meike, Laird Dornin, Zane Pan




content<b>The definitive guide to building data-driven Android applications for enterprise systems</b></p><p>Android devices represent a rapidly growing share of the mobile device market. With the release of Android 4, they are moving beyond consumer applications into corporate/enterprise use. Developers who want to start building data-driven Android applications that integrate with enterprise systems will learn how with this book. In the tradition of Wrox Professional guides, it thoroughly covers sharing and displaying data, transmitting data to enterprise applications, and much more.</p><ul><li>Shows Android developers who are not familiar with database development how to design and build data-driven applications for Android devices and integrate them with existing enterprise systems </li><li>Explores how to collect and store data using SQLite, share data using content providers, and display data using adapters </li><li>Covers migrating data using various methods and tools; transmitting data to the enterprise using web services; serializing, securing, and synchronizing data </li><li>Shows how to take advantage of the built-in capabilities of the Android OS to integrate applications into enterprise class systems</li></ul><p><i>Enterprise Android</i> prepares any Android developer to start creating data-intensive applications that today’s businesses demand.</p>sourceProduct Description



Android設備在移動設備市場中佔有快速增長的份額。隨著Android 4的發布,它們已經從消費者應用程序擴展到企業使用。想要開始建立與企業系統集成的數據驅動Android應用程序的開發人員可以通過本書學習相關知識。本書遵循Wrox專業指南的傳統,全面介紹了數據共享和顯示、將數據傳輸到企業應用程序等內容。

- 向不熟悉數據庫開發的Android開發人員展示如何設計和構建面向Android設備的數據驅動應用程序,並將其與現有的企業系統集成。
- 探討如何使用SQLite收集和存儲數據,使用內容提供程序共享數據,以及使用適配器顯示數據。
- 講解使用各種方法和工具遷移數據,使用Web服務將數據傳輸到企業,以及對數據進行序列化、安全性保護和同步。
- 展示如何利用Android操作系統的內置功能將應用程序集成到企業級系統中。