Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design, 2/e (Paperback)

Scott Rogers



Want to design your own video games? Let expert Scott Rogers show you how!

If you want to design and build cutting-edge video games but aren’t sure where to start, then the SECOND EDITION of the acclaimed Level Up! is for you! Written by leading video game expert Scott Rogers, who has designed the hits Pac Man World, Maximo and SpongeBob Squarepants, this updated edition provides clear and well-thought out examples that forgo theoretical gobbledygook with charmingly illustrated concepts and solutions based on years of professional experience.

Level Up! 2nd Edition has been NEWLY EXPANDED to teach you how to develop marketable ideas, learn what perils and pitfalls await during a game’s pre-production, production and post-production stages, and provide even more creative ideas to serve as fuel for your own projects including:

  • Developing your game design from the spark of inspiration all the way to production
  • Learning how to design the most exciting levels, the most precise controls, and the fiercest foes that will keep your players challenged
  • Creating games for mobile and console systems – including detailed rules for touch and motion controls
  • Monetizing your game from the design up
  • Writing effective and professional design documents with the help of brand new examples

Level Up! 2nd Edition is includes all-new content, an introduction by David “God of War” Jaffe and even a brand-new chili recipe –making it an even more indispensable guide for video game designers both “in the field” and the classroom.

Grab your copy of Level Up! 2nd Edition and let’s make a game!


想要設計自己的電子遊戲嗎?讓專家Scott Rogers來教你吧!

如果你想要設計並建立尖端的電子遊戲,但不確定從何處開始,那麼這本廣受好評的Level Up!第二版就是為你而設!由領先的電子遊戲專家Scott Rogers撰寫,他曾設計過熱門遊戲Pac Man WorldMaximoSpongeBob Squarepants,這本更新的版本提供了清晰且深思熟慮的示例,避免了理論上的废话,並以迷人的插圖概念和解決方案為基礎,這些都是基於多年的專業經驗。

Level Up!第二版已經全新擴展,教你如何開發有市場價值的點子,了解遊戲的前期製作、製作和後期製作階段可能遇到的困難和陷阱,並提供更多創意點子,為你自己的項目提供燃料,包括:

  • 從靈感的火花一直到製作遊戲設計

  • 學習如何設計最刺激的關卡、最精確的控制和最強大的敵人,讓你的玩家保持挑戰性

  • 為移動和主機系統創建遊戲,包括觸控和動作控制的詳細規則

  • 從設計開始對遊戲進行盈利

  • 借助全新示例撰寫有效且專業的設計文件

Level Up!第二版包含全新內容,由David "God of War" Jaffe撰寫的引言,甚至還有全新的辣椒食譜,使其成為電子遊戲設計師在現場和課堂上都不可或缺的指南。

立即購買Level Up!第二版,一起來創造一個遊戲吧!