Tableau Your Data!: Fast and Easy Visual Analysis with Tableau Software (Paperback)2/e

Daniel G. Murray



Transform your organization's data into actionable insights with Tableau

Tableau is designed specifically to provide fast and easy visual analytics. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps you create interactive reports, dashboards, and visualizations, all without any special or advanced training. This all new edition of Tableau Your Data! is your Tableau companion, helping you get the most out of this invaluable business toolset.

Tableau Your Data! shows you how to build dynamic, best of breed visualizations using the Tableau Software toolset. This comprehensive guide covers the core feature set for data analytics, and provides clear step-by-step guidance toward best practices and advanced techniques that go way beyond the user manual. You'll learn how Tableau is different from traditional business information analysis tools, and how to navigate your way around the Tableau 9.0 desktop before delving into functions and calculations, as well as sharing with the Tableau Server.
Analyze data more effectively with Tableau Desktop

  • Customize Tableau's settings for your organization's needs with detailed real-world examples on data security, scaling, syntax, and more
  • Deploy visualizations to consumers throughout the enterprise - from sales to marketing, operations to finance, and beyond
  • Understand Tableau functions and calculations and leverage Tableau across every link in the value chain
  • Learn from actual working models of the book's visualizations and other web-based resources via a companion website

Tableau helps you unlock the stories within the numbers, and Tableau Your Data! puts the software's full functionality right at your fingertips.



Tableau專為提供快速和簡單的視覺分析而設計。直觀的拖放界面幫助您創建互動式報告、儀表板和可視化,而無需任何特殊或高級培訓。這本全新的《Tableau Your Data!》是您的Tableau伴侶,幫助您充分利用這個寶貴的商業工具組。

《Tableau Your Data!》向您展示如何使用Tableau軟件工具組構建動態的、最佳的可視化。這本全面的指南涵蓋了數據分析的核心功能集,並提供了明確的逐步指導,以實現最佳實踐和超越用戶手冊的高級技術。您將了解Tableau與傳統的商業信息分析工具的不同之處,以及如何在Tableau 9.0桌面上導航,然後深入研究功能和計算,以及與Tableau Server共享。

使用Tableau Desktop更有效地分析數據
- 使用詳細的現實世界示例,自定義Tableau的設置以滿足您組織的需求,包括數據安全、擴展、語法等
- 將可視化部署到企業中的各個部門,從銷售到市場營銷,從運營到財務等等
- 了解Tableau的功能和計算,並在價值鏈的每個環節中利用Tableau
- 通過伴隨網站上的實際工作模型和其他網絡資源學習

Tableau幫助您揭示數字中的故事,《Tableau Your Data!》將軟件的全部功能直接放在您的指尖。