Multicore DSP: From Algorithms to Real-time Implementation on the TMS320C66x SoC

Naim Dahnoun



The only book to offer special coverage of the fundamentals of multicore DSP for implementation on the TMS320C66xx SoC 

This unique book provides readers with an understanding of the TMS320C66xx SoC as well as its constraints. It offers critical analysis of each element, which not only broadens their knowledge of the subject, but aids them in gaining a better understanding of how these elements work so well together.

Written by Texas Instruments’ First DSP Educator Award winner, Naim Dahnoun, the book teaches readers how to use the development tools, take advantage of the maximum performance and functionality of this processor and have an understanding of the rich content which spans from architecture, development tools and programming models, such as OpenCL and OpenMP, to debugging tools. It also covers various multicore audio and image applications in detail.  Additionally, this one-of-a-kind book is supplemented with:

  • A rich set of tested laboratory exercises and solutions
  • Audio and Image processing applications source code for the Code Composer Studio (integrated development environment from Texas Instruments)
  • Multiple tables and illustrations

With no other book on the market offering any coverage at all on the subject and its rich content with twenty chapters, Multicore DSP: From Algorithms to Real-time Implementation on the TMS320C66x SoC is a rare and much-needed source of information for undergraduates and postgraduates in the field that allows them to make real-time applications work in a relatively short period of time. It is also incredibly beneficial to hardware and software engineers involved in programming real-time embedded systems.


這本書是唯一一本專門介紹在TMS320C66xx SoC上實現多核DSP基礎的書籍。

這本獨特的書籍讓讀者了解TMS320C66xx SoC以及其限制。它對每個元素進行了詳細的分析,不僅擴展了讀者對該主題的知識,還幫助他們更好地理解這些元素是如何協同工作的。

這本書由德州儀器公司的首位DSP教育獎得主Naim Dahnoun撰寫,教導讀者如何使用開發工具,充分利用這款處理器的最大性能和功能,並了解從架構、開發工具和編程模型(如OpenCL和OpenMP)到調試工具的豐富內容。它還詳細介紹了各種多核音頻和圖像應用。此外,這本獨一無二的書還附有以下內容:

- 一套豐富的經過測試的實驗室練習和解答
- 音頻和圖像處理應用的原始碼,適用於德州儀器的Code Composer Studio(集成開發環境)
- 多個表格和插圖

在市場上沒有其他書籍提供任何相關內容的情況下,這本包含二十章節的《多核DSP:從算法到TMS320C66x SoC的實時實現》是一本罕見且極為需要的資訊來源,適用於本科生和研究生,讓他們能夠在相對短的時間內實現實時應用。對於從事實時嵌入式系統編程的硬體和軟體工程師來說,這本書也非常有益。