Practical Guide to LTE-A, VoLTE and IoT: Paving the way towards 5G

Ayman Elnashar, Mohamed A. El-saidny

  • 出版商: Wiley
  • 出版日期: 2018-08-27
  • 定價: $3,600
  • 售價: 8.5$3,060
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 480
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1119063302
  • ISBN-13: 9781119063308
  • 相關分類: 5G物聯網 IoT
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Essential reference providing best practice of LTE-A, VoLTE, and IoT Design/deployment/Performance and evolution towards 5G

This book is a practical guide to the design, deployment, and performance of LTE-A, VoLTE/IMS and IoT. A comprehensive practical performance analysis for VoLTE is conducted based on field measurement results from live LTE networks. Also, it provides a comprehensive introduction to IoT and 5G evolutions. Practical aspects and best practice of LTE-A/IMS/VoLTE/IoT are presented. Practical aspects of LTE-Advanced features are presented. In addition, LTE/LTE-A network capacity dimensioning and analysis are demonstrated based on live LTE/LTE-A networks KPIs.  A comprehensive foundation for 5G technologies is provided including massive MIMO, eMBB, URLLC, mMTC, NGCN and network slicing, cloudification, virtualization and SDN.  

Practical Guide to LTE-A, VoLTE and IoT: Paving the Way Towards 5G can be used as a practical comprehensive guide for best practices in LTE/LTE-A/VoLTE/IoT design, deployment, performance analysis and network architecture and dimensioning. It offers tutorial introduction on LTE-A/IoT/5G networks, enabling the reader to use this advanced book without the need to refer to more introductory texts. 

  • Offers a complete overview of LTE and LTE-A, IMS, VoLTE and IoT and 5G
  • Introduces readers to IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)Performs a comprehensive evaluation of VoLTE/CSFB
  • Provides LTE/LTE-A network capacity and dimensioning
  • Examines IoT and 5G evolutions towards a super connected world
  • Introduce 3GPP NB-IoT evolution for low power wide area (LPWA) network
  • Provide a comprehensive introduction for 5G evolution including eMBB, URLLC, mMTC, network slicing, cloudification, virtualization, SDN and orchestration 

Practical Guide to LTE-A, VoLTE and IoT will appeal to all deployment and service engineers, network designers, and planning and optimization engineers working in mobile communications. Also, it is a practical guide for R&D and standardization experts to evolve the LTE/LTE-A, VoLTE and IoT towards 5G evolution. 


《LTE-A、VoLTE 和 IoT 實用指南:邁向 5G 的關鍵》是一本提供最佳實踐的重要參考資料,涵蓋了 LTE-A、VoLTE 和 IoT 的設計、部署、性能和演進。

本書是一本關於 LTE-A、VoLTE/IMS 和 IoT 設計、部署和性能的實用指南。根據實際 LTE 網絡的現場測量結果,對 VoLTE 進行了全面的實用性能分析。此外,本書還全面介紹了 IoT 和 5G 的演進。提供了 LTE-A/IMS/VoLTE/IoT 的實用方面和最佳實踐。同時,還介紹了 LTE-Advanced 功能的實用方面。此外,還基於實際 LTE/LTE-A 網絡的關鍵績效指標,展示了 LTE/LTE-A 網絡容量規劃和分析。提供了 5G 技術的全面基礎,包括大規模 MIMO、eMBB、URLLC、mMTC、NGCN 和網絡切片、雲化、虛擬化和 SDN。

《LTE-A、VoLTE 和 IoT 實用指南:邁向 5G 的關鍵》可作為 LTE/LTE-A/VoLTE/IoT 設計、部署、性能分析和網絡架構規劃的實用綜合指南。它提供了關於 LTE-A/IoT/5G 網絡的教學介紹,讓讀者能夠在不需要參考更多入門文獻的情況下使用這本進階書籍。

- 提供了 LTE 和 LTE-A、IMS、VoLTE 和 IoT 以及 5G 的完整概述
- 介紹了 IP 多媒體子系統(IMS)並對 VoLTE/CSFB 進行了全面評估
- 提供了 LTE/LTE-A 網絡的容量規劃和分析
- 檢視了 IoT 和 5G 的演進,邁向超連接世界
- 介紹了 3GPP NB-IoT 低功耗廣域網絡(LPWA)的演進
- 提供了 5G 演進的全面介紹,包括 eMBB、URLLC、mMTC、網絡切片、雲化、虛擬化、SDN 和編排

《LTE-A、VoLTE 和 IoT 實用指南》適用於所有從事移動通信的部署和服務工程師、網絡設計師、規劃和優化工程師。同時,它也是研發和標準化專家將 LTE/LTE-A、VoLTE 和 IoT 演進至 5G 的實用指南。