5G for the Connected World

Devaki Chandramouli (Editor), Rainer Liebhart (Editor), Juho Pirskanen (Editor)

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  • 出版日期: 2019-04-29
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  • ISBN: 111924708X
  • ISBN-13: 9781119247081
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Comprehensive Handbook Demystifies 5G for Technical and Business Professionals in Mobile Telecommunication Fields

Much is being said regarding the possibilities and capabilities of the emerging 5G technology, as the evolution towards 5G promises to transform entire industries and many aspects of our society. 5G for the Connected World offers a comprehensive technical overview that telecommunication professionals need to understand and take advantage of these developments.

The book offers a wide-ranging coverage of the technical aspects of 5G (with special consideration of the 3GPP Release 15 content), how it enables new services and how it differs from LTE. This includes information on potential use cases, aspects of radio and core networks, spectrum considerations and the services primarily driving 5G development and deployment.

The text also looks at 5G in relation to the Internet of Things, machine to machine communication and technical enablers such as LTE-M, NB-IoT and EC-GSM. Additional chapters discuss new business models for telecommunication service providers and vertical industries as a result of introducing 5G and strategies for staying ahead of the curve. Other topics include:

  • Key features of the new 5G radio such as descriptions of new waveforms, massive MIMO and beamforming technologies as well as spectrum considerations for 5G radio regarding all possible bands
  • Drivers, motivations and overview of the new 5G system - especially RAN architecture and technology enablers (e.g. service-based architecture, compute-storage split and network exposure) for native cloud deployments
  • Mobile edge computing, Non-3GPP access, Fixed-Mobile Convergence
  • Detailed overview of mobility management, session management and Quality of Service frameworks
  • 5G security vision and architecture
  • Ultra-low latency and high reliability use cases and enablers, challenges and requirements (e.g. remote control, industrial automation, public safety and V2X communication)
  • An outline of the requirements and challenges imposed by massive numbers of devices connected to cellular networks

While some familiarity with the basics of 3GPP networks is helpful, 5G for the Connected World is intended for a variety of readers. It will prove a useful guide for telecommunication professionals, standardization experts, network operators, application developers and business analysts (or students working in these fields) as well as infrastructure and device vendors looking to develop and integrate 5G into their products, and to deploy 5G radio and core networks.



該書廣泛涵蓋了5G的技術方面(特別考慮了3GPP Release 15的內容),以及它如何實現新服務以及與LTE的區別。其中包括潛在的用例、無線和核心網絡的方面、頻譜考慮以及主要推動5G發展和部署的服務。此外,該書還探討了5G與物聯網、機器對機器通信以及LTE-M、NB-IoT和EC-GSM等技術的關聯。其他章節討論了引入5G後電信服務提供商和垂直行業的新商業模式,以及保持領先的策略。其他主題包括:

- 新5G無線電的關鍵特性,例如新波形、大規模MIMO和波束成形技術,以及關於所有可能頻段的5G無線電的頻譜考慮
- 新5G系統的驅動因素、動機和概述,特別是RAN架構和技術支持(例如基於服務的架構、計算-存儲分離和網絡暴露)用於本地雲部署
- 移動邊緣計算、非3GPP接入、固定-移動融合
- 對移動性管理、會話管理和服務質量框架的詳細概述
- 5G安全願景和架構
- 超低延遲和高可靠性的用例和技術支持,以及相關挑戰和要求(例如遠程控制、工業自動化、公共安全和V2X通信)
- 大量設備連接到蜂窩網絡所帶來的要求和挑戰的概述



DEVAKI CHANDRAMOULI is Head of North American Standardization at Nokia. She leads the 5G System Architecture specification in 3GPP SA2. She holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

RAINER LIEBHART is Head of 5G Solution Architecture in Mobile Networks Global Product Sales at Nokia. He holds an M.S. in Mathematics from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany.

JUHO PIRSKANEN is a Standardization and Alliance Expert at Wirepas located in Tampere, Finland. He holds an M.S. in Engineering from Tampere University of Technology, Finland.


DEVAKI CHANDRAMOULI 是 Nokia 的北美標準化主管。她在 3GPP SA2 中負責領導 5G 系統架構規範。她擁有美國德克薩斯大學阿靈頓分校的計算機科學碩士學位。

RAINER LIEBHART 是 Nokia 行動網路全球產品銷售部門的 5G 解決方案架構主管。他擁有德國慕尼黑的路德維希-馬克西米利安大學的數學碩士學位。

JUHO PIRSKANEN 是位於芬蘭坦佩雷的 Wirepas 的標準化和聯盟專家。他擁有芬蘭坦佩雷科技大學的工程學碩士學位。