Professional Clojure

Jeremy Anderson, Michael Gaare, Justin Holguín, Nick Bailey, Timothy Pratley



Clear, practical Clojure for the professional programmer

Professional Clojure is the experienced developer's guide to functional programming using the Clojure language. Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional developers, this book briefly introduces functional programming before skipping directly to the heart of using Clojure in a real-world setting. The discussion details the read—eval—print workflow that enables fast feedback loops, then dives into enterprise-level Clojure development with expert guidance on web services, testing, datomics, performance, and more. Read from beginning to end, this book serves as a clear, direct guide to Clojure programming—but the comprehensive coverage and detail makes it extraordinarily useful as a quick reference for mid-project snags. The author team includes four professional Clojure developers, ensuring professional-level instruction from a highly practical perspective.

Clojure is an open-source programming language maintained and supported by Cognitect., and quickly gaining use across industries at companies like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Netflix, and more. This guide provides a concise, yet thorough resource for professional developers needing to quickly put Clojure to work.

  • Parse the difference between functional and object-oriented programming
  • Understand Clojure performance and capabilities
  • Develop reactive web pages using ClojureScript
  • Adopt an REPL-driven development workflow

Clojure is a modern dialect of Lisp, designed for concurrency and Java compatibility. It can be used with the Java virtual machine, Microsoft's Common Language Runtime, and JavaScript engines, providing a level of both versatility and functionality that is appealing to more and more enterprise-level developers. As requirements grow increasingly complex, stepping away from imperative programming can dramatically streamline the development workflow. Professional Clojure provides the expert instruction that gets professionals up to speed and back to work quickly.


《專業 Clojure》是專為有經驗的開發人員設計的指南,教授如何使用 Clojure 語言進行函數式編程。本書旨在滿足專業開發人員的需求,簡要介紹函數式編程,然後直接深入介紹如何在實際環境中使用 Clojure。討論內容包括了快速反饋迴圈的讀取-評估-列印工作流程,以及企業級 Clojure 開發的專家指導,包括網路服務、測試、datomics、性能等等。從頭到尾閱讀本書,它將成為 Clojure 編程的清晰、直接的指南,同時全面的涵蓋和詳細的內容使其成為在項目中遇到問題時的快速參考工具。作者團隊包括四位專業的 Clojure 開發人員,確保從高度實用的角度提供專業級的指導。

Clojure 是一種由 Cognitect 維護和支持的開源編程語言,並在像亞馬遜、沃爾瑪、Facebook、Netflix 等公司中快速得到應用。本指南為專業開發人員提供了一個簡潔而全面的資源,以便快速使用 Clojure。

- 解析函數式編程和物件導向編程的差異
- 了解 Clojure 的性能和能力
- 使用 ClojureScript 開發反應式網頁
- 採用 REPL 驅動的開發工作流程

Clojure 是一種現代的 Lisp 方言,設計用於並發和與 Java 兼容。它可以與 Java 虛擬機、Microsoft 的通用語言運行時和 JavaScript 引擎一起使用,提供了一個既靈活又功能豐富的水平,越來越受企業級開發人員的青睞。隨著需求變得越來越複雜,遠離命令式編程可以大大簡化開發工作流程。《專業 Clojure》提供了專業級的指導,讓專業人士能夠快速上手並迅速回到工作中。