Advanced Analytics and AI: Impact, Implementation, and the Future of Work

Tony Boobier



Be prepared for the arrival of automated decision making

Once thought of as science fiction, major corporations are already beginning to use cognitive systems to assist in providing wealth advice and also in medication treatment. The use of Cognitive Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems is set to accelerate, with the expectation that it’ll be considered ‘mainstream’ in the next 5 – 10 years. It’ll change the way we as individuals interact with data and systems—and the way we run our businesses.

Cognitive Analysis and AI prepares business users for the era of cognitive analytics / artificial intelligence. Building on established texts and commentary, it specifically prepares you in terms of expectation, impact on personal roles, and responsibilities. It focuses on the specific impact on key industries (retail, financial services, utilities and media) and also on key professions (such as accounting, operational management, supply chain and risk management).

  • Shows you how users interact with the system in natural language
  • Explains how cognitive analysis/AI can source ‘big data’
  • Provides a roadmap for implementation
  • Gets you up to speed now before you get left behind

If you’re a decision maker or budget holder within the corporate context, this invaluable book helps you gain an advantage from the deployment of cognitive analytics tools.






- 展示了使用者如何以自然語言與系統互動
- 解釋了認知分析/人工智慧如何獲取「大數據」
- 提供了實施路線圖
- 讓您在被落後之前迅速跟上