Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks

Devi Chadha

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  • 出版日期: 2019-07-22
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Provides a comprehensive and updated account of WDM optical network systems

Optical networking has advanced considerably since 2010. A host of new technologies and applications has brought a significant change in optical networks, migrating it towards an all-optical network. This book places great emphasis on the network concepts, technology, and methodologies that will stand the test of time and also help in understanding and developing advanced optical network systems.

The first part of Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks provides a qualitative foundation for what follows--presenting an overview of optical networking, the different network architectures, basic concepts, and a high-level view of the different network structures considered in subsequent chapters. It offers a survey of enabling technologies and the hardware devices in the physical layer, followed by a more detailed picture of the network in the remaining chapters. The next sections give an in-depth study of the three basic network structures: the static broadcast networks, wavelength routed networks, and the electronic/optical logically routed networks, covering the characteristics of the optical networks in the access, metropolitan area, and long-haul reach. It discusses the networking picture; network control and management, impairment management and survivability. The last section of the book covers the upcoming technologies of flex-grid and software defined optical networking.

  • Provides concise, updated, and comprehensive coverage of WDM optical networks
  • Features numerous examples and exercise problems for the student to practice
  • Covers, in detail, important topics, such as, access, local area, metropolitan, wide area all-optical and elastic networks
  • Includes protocols, design, and analysis along with the control and management of the networks
  • Offers exclusive chapters on advance topics to cover the present and future technological trends, such as, software defined optical networking and the flexible grid optical networks

Optical WDM Networks: From Static to Elastic Networks is an excellent book for under and post graduate students in electrical/communication engineering. It will also be very useful to practicing professionals in communications, networking, and optical systems.





  • 提供了簡潔、最新和全面的波分多工光纖網路內容

  • 提供了大量的例子和練習問題供學生練習

  • 詳細介紹了重要主題,如接入、區域、都會、廣域全光和彈性網路

  • 包括網路的協議、設計和分析,以及網路的控制和管理

  • 提供了專門的章節,涵蓋了當前和未來的技術趨勢,如軟體定義光纖網路和彈性網格光纖網路



DEVI CHADHA, PHD, is Professor Emeritus at IIT, Delhi in India. She has over 40 years of teaching and research experience in the areas of electromagnetics, microwaves, optical fiber communication, optical wireless communications, and photonics and switching networks. In addition, Professor Chadha is a Senior Member of IEEE, a Member of OSA, and a Fellow of IE (India).


DEVI CHADHA, PHD,是印度德里的印度理工學院(IIT)的名譽教授。她在電磁學、微波、光纖通信、光無線通信、光子學和交換網絡等領域擁有超過40年的教學和研究經驗。此外,Chadha教授是IEEE的高級會員,OSA的會員,以及IE(印度)的會士。