Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers (Paperback)

Cyganek, Boguslaw

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  • 出版日期: 2021-02-08
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  • ISBN: 1119431107
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  • 相關分類: C++ 程式語言
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A complete textbook and reference for engineers to learn the fundamentals of computer programming with modern C++

Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers is an original presentation teaching the fundamentals of computer programming and modern C++ to engineers and engineering students.

Professor Cyganek, a highly regarded expert in his field, walks users through basics of data structures and algorithms with the help of a core subset of C++ and the Standard Library, progressing to the object-oriented domain and advanced C++ features, computer arithmetic, memory management and essentials of parallel programming, showing with real world examples how to complete tasks. He also guides users through the software development process, good programming practices, not shunning from explaining low-level features and the programming tools.

Being a textbook, with the summarizing tables and diagrams the book becomes a highly useful reference for C++ programmers at all levels.

Introduction to Programming with C++ for Engineers teaches how to program by:

  • Guiding users from simple techniques with modern C++ and the Standard Library, to more advanced object-oriented design methods and language features
  • Providing meaningful examples that facilitate understanding of the programming techniques and the C++ language constructions
  • Fostering good programming practices which create better professional programmers
  • Minimizing text descriptions, opting instead for comprehensive figures, tables, diagrams, and other explanatory material
  • Granting access to a complementary website that contains example code and useful links to resources that further improve the reader's coding ability
  • Including test and exam question for the reader's review at the end of each chapter

Engineering students, students of other sciences who rely on computer programming, and professionals in various fields will find this book invaluable when learning to program with C++.


《工程師學習現代 C++ 程式設計的完整教材和參考書》

《工程師的 C++ 程式設計入門》是一本原創教材,專為工程師和工程學生教授計算機編程和現代 C++ 的基礎知識。

這本書由業界備受推崇的專家 Cyganek 教授撰寫,以 C++ 和標準庫的核心子集為基礎,引導讀者從資料結構和演算法的基礎入門,進一步深入探討面向對象的領域和高級 C++ 功能、計算機算術、內存管理以及並行編程的基本知識,並通過真實世界的例子展示如何完成任務。他還指導讀者進行軟體開發過程,介紹良好的編程實踐,並解釋低級特性和編程工具。

作為一本教科書,書中的總結表格和圖表使其成為所有程度的 C++ 程式設計師的寶貴參考資料。

《工程師的 C++ 程式設計入門》通過以下方式教授程式設計:

- 引導讀者從使用現代 C++ 和標準庫的簡單技術開始,進一步學習高級面向對象的設計方法和語言特性。
- 提供有意義的例子,有助於理解程式設計技巧和 C++ 語言結構。
- 培養良好的編程實踐,培養出更優秀的專業程式設計師。
- 減少文字描述,而選擇全面的圖片、表格、圖表和其他解釋材料。
- 提供一個補充網站,其中包含示例程式碼和有用的資源連結,進一步提升讀者的編程能力。
- 每章結束時提供測試和考試問題供讀者複習。

工程學生、依賴於計算機編程的其他科學學生以及各個領域的專業人士在學習 C++ 程式設計時,將會發現這本書是一本寶貴的資源。


Prof. Boguslaw Cyganek, Department of Electronics, AGH, University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. Boguslaw Cyganek obtained his Ph.D. degree cum laude in 2001 with a thesis on correlation of stereo images, and D.Sc. degree in 2011 with a thesis on methods and algorithms of object recognition in digital images. During recent years, Dr. Cyganek has been cooperating with many scientific centers in development of computer vision systems. He has also gained several years of practical experience working as a Software Development Manager and a Senior Software Engineer both in the USA and Poland. He is an author or a co-author of over ninety conference and journal papers and four books including "An Introduction to 3D Computer Vision Techniques and Algorithms", as well as "Object Detection and Recognition in Digital Images: Theory and Practice", published by Wiley. Dr. Cyganek is a member of the IEEE, SPIE, IAPR and SIAM.


波蘭克拉科夫科學與技術大學AGH電子系的Boguslaw Cyganek教授。Boguslaw Cyganek於2001年以立等可取的成績完成立體影像相關性論文,並於2011年以物體識別在數位影像中的方法和演算法論文獲得博士學位。近年來,Cyganek博士與許多科學中心合作開發電腦視覺系統。他在美國和波蘭擔任軟體開發經理和高級軟體工程師多年,累積了實務經驗。他是超過九十篇會議和期刊論文以及四本書的作者或合著者,其中包括由Wiley出版的《3D電腦視覺技術和演算法入門》和《數位影像中的物體偵測和識別:理論與實踐》。Cyganek博士是IEEE、SPIE、IAPR和SIAM的成員。