Foundations of Computational Finance with MATLAB

McCarthy, Ed

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  • 出版日期: 2018-06-13
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Graduate from Excel to MATLAB(R) to keep up with the evolution of finance data

Foundations of Computational Finance with MATLAB(R) is an introductory text for both finance professionals looking to branch out from the spreadsheet, and for programmers who wish to learn more about finance. As financial data grows in volume and complexity, its very nature has changed to the extent that traditional financial calculators and spreadsheet programs are simply no longer enough. Today's analysts need more powerful data solutions with more customization and visualization capabilities, and MATLAB provides all of this and more in an easy-to-learn skillset.

This book walks you through the basics, and then shows you how to stretch your new skills to create customized solutions. Part I demonstrates MATLAB's capabilities as they apply to traditional finance concepts, and PART II shows you how to create interactive and reusable code, link with external data sources, communicate graphically, and more.

  • Master MATLAB's basic operations including matrices, arrays, and flexible data structures
  • Learn how to build your own customized solutions when the built-ins just won't do
  • Learn how to handle financial data and industry-specific variables including risk and uncertainty
  • Adopt more accurate modeling practices for portfolios, options, time series, and more

MATLAB is an integrated development environment that includes everything you need in one well-designed user interface. Available Toolboxes provide tested algorithms that save you hours of code, and the skills you learn using MATLAB make it easier to learn additional languages if you choose to do so. Financial firms are catching up to universities in MATLAB usage, so this is skill set that will follow you throughout your career. When you're ready to step into the new age of finance, Foundations of Computational Finance with MATLAB provides the expert instruction you need to get started quickly.


從 Excel 到 MATLAB,升級以跟上金融數據的演進

《Foundations of Computational Finance with MATLAB》是一本介紹性的教材,適合金融專業人士想要擺脫試算表的限制,以及希望了解更多金融知識的程式設計師。隨著金融數據的增加和複雜性,傳統的金融計算器和試算表程式已經不再足夠。現今的分析師需要更強大的數據解決方案,具有更多自定義和可視化能力,而 MATLAB 提供了所有這些功能,並且易於學習。

本書首先介紹基礎知識,然後展示如何運用這些知識創建自定義解決方案。第一部分展示了 MATLAB 在傳統金融概念中的應用能力,第二部分則教授如何創建互動和可重複使用的程式碼,連接外部數據源,進行圖形化通訊等等。

- 掌握 MATLAB 的基本操作,包括矩陣、數組和靈活的數據結構
- 學習在內建功能無法滿足需求時,如何建立自定義解決方案
- 學習處理金融數據和行業特定變量,包括風險和不確定性
- 採用更準確的建模方法,應用於投資組合、期權、時間序列等等

MATLAB 是一個集成開發環境,具有一個設計良好的用戶界面,包含了您所需的一切。可用的工具箱提供經過測試的算法,節省了編寫程式所需的時間。而且,使用 MATLAB 學習的技能,如果您選擇學習其他語言,也會讓您更容易上手。金融公司正在趕上大學在 MATLAB 的使用上,所以這是一個能夠伴隨您整個職業生涯的技能。當您準備迎接金融新時代時,《Foundations of Computational Finance with MATLAB》提供了您快速入門所需的專業指導。


ED MCCARTHY is a journalist, prolific finance writer, and MathWorks Certified MATLAB(R) Associate. His articles have appeared in Bloomberg Wealth Manager, CFA Institute Magazine, Institutional Investor, Financial Planning, Journal of Accountancy, and the Journal of Financial Planning. He is also author of The Financial Advisor's Analytical Toolbox and Fast Forward MBA in Personal Finance.


ED MCCARTHY是一位記者、多產的金融作家,以及MathWorks認證的MATLAB(R) Associate。他的文章曾刊登在《Bloomberg Wealth Manager》、《CFA Institute Magazine》、《Institutional Investor》、《Financial Planning》、《Journal of Accountancy》和《Journal of Financial Planning》等刊物上。他還是《The Financial Advisor's Analytical Toolbox》和《Fast Forward MBA in Personal Finance》的作者。