OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-816

Selikoff, Scott, Boyarsky, Jeanne

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The completely-updated preparation guide for the new Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II exam--covers Exam 1Z0-816

Java, a platform-independent, object-oriented programming language, is used primarily in mobile and desktop application development. It is a popular language for client-side cloud applications and the principal language used to develop Android applications. Oracle has recently updated its Java Programmer certification tracks for Oracle Certified Professional.

Now in its second edition, the OCA Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide ensures that you are fully prepared for this difficult certification exam. Covering 100% of exam objectives, this in-depth study guide provides comprehensive coverage of the functional-programming knowledge necessary to succeed. Every exam topic is thoroughly and completely covered including exceptions and assertions, class design, generics and collections, threads, concurrency, IO and NIO, and more. Access to Sybex's superior online interactive learning environment and test bank--including self-assessment tests, chapter tests, bonus practice exam questions, electronic flashcards, and a searchable glossary of important terms--provides everything you need to be fully prepared on exam day. This must-have guide:

  • Covers all exam objectives such as inheriting abstract classes and interfaces, advanced strings and localization, JDBC, and Object-Oriented design principles and patterns
  • Explains complex material and reinforces your comprehension and retention of important topics
  • Helps you master more advanced areas of functional programming
  • Demonstrates practical methods for building Java solutions

The OCA Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide will prove invaluable for anyone seeking achievement of this challenging exam, as well as junior- to senior-level programmers who uses Java as their primary programming language.


全新更新的 Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 程式設計師 II 考試準備指南──涵蓋考試 1Z0-816

Java 是一種獨立於平台的物件導向程式語言,主要用於行動和桌面應用程式開發。它是客戶端雲應用程式的流行語言,也是開發 Android 應用程式的主要語言。Oracle 最近更新了其 Java 程式設計師認證軌道,以符合 Oracle Certified Professional 的要求。

這本第二版的《OCA Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 程式設計師 II 學習指南》確保您完全準備好應對這個難度較高的認證考試。該指南涵蓋了考試目標的 100%,提供了全面的功能程式設計知識,以確保您成功通過考試。每個考試主題都被詳細全面地涵蓋,包括例外和斷言、類設計、泛型和集合、執行緒、並行性、IO 和 NIO 等等。Sybex 出版社提供卓越的線上互動學習環境和測試庫,包括自我評估測驗、章節測驗、額外練習考題、電子閃卡和可搜索的重要術語詞彙表,提供您在考試當天所需的一切。這本必備指南具有以下特點:

- 涵蓋所有考試目標,如繼承抽象類和介面、進階字串和本地化、JDBC 和物件導向設計原則和模式
- 解釋複雜的內容,加強您對重要主題的理解和記憶
- 幫助您掌握更高級的功能程式設計領域
- 展示構建 Java 解決方案的實用方法

《OCA Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 程式設計師 II 學習指南》對於任何尋求通過這個具有挑戰性考試的人都是無價的,同時也適用於以 Java 為主要程式設計語言的初級到高級程式設計師。



Scott Selikoff, OCA/OCP 8 and OCP 11, has been a professional Java Enterprise architect for over 20 years. He is the founder of Selikoff Solutions, LLC, specializing in building custom mobile and server solutions for businesses in the tri-state New York City area. Jeanne Boyarsky, OCA/OCP 8 and OCP 11, is a Java Champion and has worked as a Java developer for a major bank for more than 18 years. She is a senior moderator at CodeRanch, and trains and mentors students of all levels, including the programming division of a FIRST robotics team.



Scott Selikoff, OCA/OCP 8 和 OCP 11,是一位擁有超過20年專業Java企業架構師經驗的專業人士。他是Selikoff Solutions, LLC的創始人,專門為紐約市三州地區的企業建立定制的移動和服務器解決方案。

Jeanne Boyarsky, OCA/OCP 8 和 OCP 11,是一位Java Champion,並在一家大型銀行擔任Java開發人員超過18年。她是CodeRanch的高級版主,並培訓和指導各級學生,包括一個FIRST機器人技術團隊的編程部門。